Olive oil tasting

Olive oil tasting
 Olive oil connoisseurs believe that if you do not like this product, you just do not know how to choose it. Of course, it is difficult to assess the quality of the goods sold in a sealed bag, and often more secure and opaque tin walls of its container, but if you have the opportunity to taste the future purchase - be sure to do it. Knowing once taste of olive oil, you'll never confuse it with any fake.  

For competent tasting note three parameters of olive oil: its color, flavor, and of course, taste.

One or the other group largely depends on what kind of olives and a degree of maturity of the product went into production, the method of storage, the treatment process. But in any case, should be present green color. It can be more saturated, like kiwi, or subtle, as in the case of olive oil used in the serving of raw meat, carpaccio, pasta side dishes and vegetables. Please note that the appearance of red indicates the oxidation process.

Fragrance olive oil may also vary depending on its type. It is better if before tasting, you will learn what it is and sort of look, what should be the distinguishing characteristics. But high-quality olive oil flavor distinguishes both pronounced and at the same time elusive. It should not be too aggressive or intrusive, but with some training you will be able to make out the different notes in it - fruit, wood, oil ...

Particularly noteworthy tradition tasting taste of olive oil. Two important rules - it should take place on an empty stomach, and the oil should not be cold. Pour a little of the liquid into a cup and cover the top with paper, let stand. Take it in your hand, warm with its warmth, a little shake. Gradually, you will begin to reach the sweet aroma of olive oil. Do not hurry, let reveal all the components of a whole, from holding a dominant position to barely audible accents, without which the symphony smell would be incomplete.

Allow the oil to a little stand, and then lightly moisten them lower lip. Touch her tongue, listen to your feelings. A little while, took a sip and try to make out the taste. It is important to know what kind of oil you taste, because depending on it you will feel different flavor notes - almond or apple, artichoke and ripe fruit, herbs or dried herbs. It can be astringent, severe, moderate, mild, bright, sweet. Wait a little, clean the oral cavity by a piece of apple butter and try again. Then you can decide whether you like it extra virgin olive oil.

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