Mysterious Zamioculcas: the subtleties of care

Mysterious Zamioculcas: the subtleties of care
 Zamioculcas, otherwise referred to as the dollar tree, perfect for ordinary apartments. The name of the plant is obtained thanks to the dense green oval leaves. Flower quite unpretentious, so caring for Zamioculcas afford even to those who are sufficiently far from floriculture.
 Zamioculcas tolerates light shade, so easy to grow, and in artificial light. For this reason, this plant is often planted in office buildings and shopping centers. The apartment with a flower pot can be placed on the window, overlooking either side of the world. Be careful with the southern windows. In summer, direct sunlight can cause the leaves are dry.

Primer for Zamioculcas can be purchased at a flower shop or cook yourself. For this ground sheet and sand taken in equal shares. Can improve soil structure by adding a small amount of peat. Repot the plant grows, choosing a pot with a diameter of 1.5-2 cm more than the previous one.

Care flower Zamioculcas includes regular, but not excessive watering. Summer enough once a week, and in winter you can water the plant once every ten days.

Plant safely tolerate dry air, peculiar to most of the rooms, heated by central heating. In a further sheet does not require spraying. To it looked bright and lively enough to wipe plant periodically with a damp cloth, wiping the dust from the leaves. You can do this through the soul with a weak pressure of warm water.

Zamioculcas, which provides care for the reproduction of tubers can also root of the sheets. But in this case the plant long enough to save the state of rest. The adult plants in the period from October to February, growth also stops at this time flower gaining strength. In winter, it is not fed, waiting for spring. Summer flower fed a couple of times a month fertilizer for succulents.

Best of all flower grows warm in diffused sunlight. In summer you can put the plant on the balcony. With proper care shrub can reach a height of 1.5 meters.

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