Hungarian cuisine

Hungarian cuisine
 The widest range of products used for cooking, is a distinctive feature of the Hungarian cuisine. First of all, it is associated with pepper, paprika and different spicy dishes of this vegetable. Indeed, in Hungary people grow various varieties of paprika, moreover, the word has Hungarian origin.

Of the entire range of products that are used for the preparation of Hungarian cuisine, you can select meats, a variety of vegetables, fruits and milk.

Hungarian rivers abound with many species of fish. Therefore pchetnoe place in Hungarian cuisine dishes occupy tissayskoy sturgeon, pike, catfish Danube, carp and pike-perch Balaton of particularly delicate flavor and aroma.

Speaking of Hungarian cuisine, not to mention about another product - flour. Due to the fact that the Hungarian wheat gluten features a large, local chefs create a huge range of original pastry. Roll "retesh" - the pride of the national cuisine, made from a very thin dough.

Egg barley - dried dough resembling croup, which is made from eggs mixed with the dough. This dough is used as a separate dish, and as a side dish to stews also use it instead of rice - for stuffing cabbage, pepper

In Hungary, frying, boiling and stewing - basic ways of cooking products. And combining these methods, Hungarian chefs create dishes with unique taste.

Very often the chefs prepare for lard and vegetable oil and butter are rarely used. Lard - an important component of all foods.

The sharpness of dishes - another distinctive feature of the Hungarian. Widely used vegetables and spices, for example, the most common of them - onions, garlic, fennel, cinnamon, red and black pepper, thyme, cumin, marjoram.

Toasted onion in melted lard - the basis of most Hungarian dishes as Hungarian chefs explain that only emphasizes the lard smell oils contained in onions.

Sour cream - an important component of the soups, vegetables, meat dishes. She poured just before serving and goulash, cheese and croquettes and salads, and more. All Hungarian cuisine is somewhat unusual for our taste, but try them once you start to appreciate such a meal, because it is original and unusual.

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