How to prepare a salad with eggplant and cheese

How to prepare a salad with eggplant and cheese
 Eggplants are very useful. This vegetable is low in calories they contain substances that inhibit the absorption of cholesterol. It also has a pectin. Pectin removes toxins. Salad with eggplant and cheese - very spicy dish. These two products are perfectly combined with each other.


- 3 eggplant;
- 150 g of cheese;
- 2 cloves of garlic;
- 2 bell peppers;
- 5 tomatoes;
- Coriander, parsley, dill;
- Vegetable oil.

Preparation of salad:

Ripe eggplant wash in cold water. Pat dry with paper towels or tissues. Clean the skin gently. Remove the stalk. Cut the eggplant into slices half a centimeter thick. Eggplant with salt and a good move.

In a frying pan, heat the vegetable oil. Fry the eggplant circles on each side until light brown.

Now wash the pepper. Cut into two parts. Remove the beans. Each part peppering cut into strips. Tomatoes also wash and chop well. Parsley, cilantro and dill loop through carefully, rinse in water. Cut off tough stems, very finely chop the herbs needed. Two cloves of garlic, chop very finely. Cheese grate.

Then proceed to the formation of lettuce. All the ingredients are spread layers on a flat dish. The first layer, place eggplant, sprinkle with a little garlic and salt. The second layer put grated cheese. The third layer - bell pepper strips and a little salt. Next, place the tomatoes, salt again and sprinkle with herbs. The top layer pour a little vegetable oil and place for ten minutes in the refrigerator. To apply you need a salad cold.

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