Garden scents

Garden scents
 Endless urban bustle exhausting. An increasing number of people leaving for a weekend out of town, closer to nature and fresh air. Many create on their own plots gardens flavors to the entire day enjoy delicious smells.

Smells differently affect our state. Some are able to excite desire and energize others to relax and unwind. From this point of view it is necessary to choose plants for the garden scents, only then it will give pleasure to their owners. A well-chosen shrubs and flowers are able to fill the garden beautiful fragrance all summer.

In the last month of spring blooms known since childhood bird cherry. Its flavor can be heard everywhere. It fits perfectly into the landscape design, unpretentious, tolerates waterlogging and small shadow. With proper care and adequate coverage of bird cherry shows all its beauty.

Following the cherry blossoms Syringa vulgaris. It is distinguished by a variety of shades, so it can easily fit in the landscape design of the site. Different varieties of lilacs, to extend the flowering period of this shrub. For example, two weeks later than common lilac blossoms lilac Hungarian, in June - July begins to bloom lilac Amur, which is able to fill garden light aroma of honey. Fragrance of lilacs, as well as roses, remarkably soothing.

Somewhere in May - June blooms Honeysuckle Honeysuckle. This fragrant plant is ideal for vertical gardening. If your site stands a lonely tree with a bare trunk, seated next honeysuckle. You zadekoriruete trunk, and she will exude a wonderful vine growing in the evening fragrance.

Often in the garden of flavors put Elaeagnus silver, Oregon Grape, tree-peony, raspberry scented, white acacia, golden currant, jasmine, mint, thyme, rosemary, Agastache, lily. For cheerfulness can be planted in the garden rosemary or Verbier.

In the garden with captivating aromas always want to have a cup of herbal tea. And how can a true herbal tea to be without limes? Of course not! Lipa - a mandatory component of the garden scents, no it is quite difficult to imagine it. It has long been used in aromatherapy.

Add to your garden more fragrant plants, and you turn it into a real paradise.

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