Custom-tailored perfume: all about selective fragrances

Custom-tailored perfume: all about selective fragrances
 Selective Fragrances - niche, unique, elite. Often confused with luxury perfumes, that is, products of famous brands sold in major stores. But in fact, nothing in common except the high price, in selective and luxury spirits not. If you stuffed nauseam the same type of standardized commercial flavors of popular brands, you should learn more about the selective perfume.
 Selective perfumes - are the products for genuine connoisseurs and at the same time, "an amateur" because it is not only the high cost and according to the quality, but also non-standard, sometimes a strange smell. Selective fragrances are unique and so varied that anyone who is addicted to it, ordinary spirits will appear identical and indistinguishable.

For the convenience of all existing selective perfumes can be divided into three major groups.

The first group - a vintage perfume, made according to old recipes (without any changes).

The second group - especially valuable perfume released in small batches. Of course, they are expensive, but the price range is great. Some of these spirits are available to people with average incomes (Lalique, Etro, Jo Malone), and some can cost exorbitant amount (Clive Christian). It is also worth noting luxurious design packaging and bottles into which poured the perfume of this group. Often this vials handmade, genuine self-contained works of art. This group can include perfume, issued in one copy in order.

Finally, the third group includes the already mentioned spirits "on the fan." This is a very unique and rare flavors: one - complex for thin aesthetes, others - eccentric, for fans of pretentiousness and originality. It may be, for example, perfumes, scented tobacco, powder, tops, wormwood, etc.

All of selective fragrances have several common characteristics. Firstly, they are made of only natural ingredients and are highly resistant. Synthetics in luxury perfumes - mauvais ton. Secondly, they do not engage in self-promotion. No filming with movie stars, no video, no billboards. Third, selective fragrances almost fake. There are two reasons: it makes no sense, and it is almost impossible because of the complexity of the formulation and manufacturing and rarity of some ingredients.

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