Cider - the best thing that can happen with apples

Cider - the best thing that can happen with apples
 Cider - a low-alcohol drink that is made from apples. His strength is approximately 6-7%. Not all apples are suitable for the preparation of this ancient beverage. There is a list of the 48 varieties officially approved for use as a raw material for cider.
 Cider relates to fruit wines, however it depends on the content of sugar in the beverage may be dry or sweet as all wines. Traditional ciders method of classification is the taste characteristics, depending on the varieties of apples, which make up a drink. Like apples, cider can be sour, sweet and bitter. Accordingly, the varieties suitable for cider, too different. In taste, they are divided into bitter, sour, sweet, bitter-sweet or sour-sweet. Cider comes most naturally. Fermented fruits, without even yeast is added.

Classic dry cider has a sour taste, which requires all content dvadtsatiprotsentnym sour apples in the recipe. The rest is equally accounted for sweet and bitter varieties. If you want to "move" the taste in any direction, the ratio change. In the manufacture of cider most important point in determining the taste of the drink, it is to obtain a level of acidity.

Cider - a drink that has its own philosophy. It is believed that it is a favorite drink among the Druids. Done right, a quality cider should fill the mind of man, open it for themselves and for others, but not Head Nebula, do not do heavy body. This drink is very nutritious, it has a fresh apple taste. Those who can taste this good cider, long remember its taste. Just zabrozhennye apples, diluted alcohol or vodka, in no way are not cider.

Cider drink chilled. Poured into a cup, holding a short distance from the bottle. So drink gets rid of carbon dioxide, but does not lose its taste.

According to experts, the most suitable for cider apples grow in Normandy, Brittany and Northern Spain. It is in these places, the tradition of making this drink has the deepest roots. In Germany, Switzerland and Austria also have producers of cider, which are famous for their products. But a good cider can be bought almost anywhere, including in Russia.

In addition to the amazing taste and centuries-old tradition, cider has other advantages. It is very useful for the stomach, in his time, he defended the people from scurvy and gout. Some believe that it can be used to get rid of kidney stones, but it is still a controversial issue.

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