Akvasad flower garden or in the water

Akvasad flower garden or in the water
 In the 90s of the last century Dutch growers were in vogue growing plants in aquariums, and they became known as the Dutch. This aquarium was not fish, they grew exotic moisture-loving plants. This colorful decorative garden will decorate any room and will not leave anyone indifferent.

In the natural aquarium florists recreate the very real landscapes, whether shore of the lake in the mountains or the Amazon jungle, only in miniature. This is nothing like a little model of the world, contemplating which man finds harmony and peace.

Create a similar akvasad can each grower. To begin to pick up the aquarium. For this purpose it is best suited round or rectangular. Roomier and wider than the container, the easier it will be caring for plants.

When choosing plants for akvasada note that to him exclusively to water plants, if you try to put conventional room (even if they are moisture-loving) flowers, they die, and your creation will be doomed to failure. Plants for aquariums can be purchased at special florist shops. So, for the garden in the water buy as underwater plants such as Shilnikov, water moss, hornwort, limnoharris and others, as well as plants with floating leaves on the water surface, such as arrowhead, Salvinia. Try to plant flowers and marsh: arrowhead, calla, tsiperus.

Place on the bottom of the aquarium muddy earth, and the top cover it with sand, which will prevent the water from turbidity, and land from washing away. However, note that the sand must be clean, otherwise the water can make bacteria. To do this, rinse thoroughly until the water is clear, dry, and then pour into the tank, level and gently tap.

In order to facilitate cleaning of debris from the aquarium, you can put uneven ground, then it will accumulate in depressions and it will be easy to remove by means of a glass tube.

In thus prepared the ground will land plants, paying attention to the appearance of color, size, number of sheets and combining with neighboring plants. Another way of planting: flowers put into small pots with a diameter of 5-9 cm and then gently submerge them in water. The advantage of this method of planting is that you can easily change the composition, simply by moving the pot to another location. Decorate the bottom of bizarre sinks, rocks, driftwood, or pour a colored shingle.

Fill the tank supernatant water at room temperature. Do this as soon as possible be careful not to blur the sand at the bottom and planted plants. As the evaporation of the water just blow. It should be completely changed once or twice a year by removing a third of the volume and top up with fresh water.

Aquatic plants grow very quickly, so settle in several aquarium snails that will kill the algae.

Akvasad position against the wall opposite the window, and sunlight color replace artificial lighting, using energy-saving halogen lamps. Place the container on a flat solid surface, thereby to him had free access to care for plants.

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