What helps and what hinders our recreation

What helps and what hinders our recreation
 Whether you like to relax? Quite a funny question. And if formulated in a different way: how do you like to relax? And here is having difficulty. Most of us are so closely associated with the work that they can not escape from it for a second, and even on vacation they are constantly haunted by the idea of ​​an office without giving relax. As a result - on the work itself only person dreams about the end of the day, unable to concentrate on current affairs. But enough to give up some things that hinder our rest, and you will easily be able to fully recuperate.

First of all, remember the magic phrase: on vacation no thoughts of work. This is perhaps the most difficult, with what you have to deal with. However, if you want to remember what pleasure from the process of labor, you should try to overcome the shackles of everyday affairs and escape into the realm of carefree holidays and weekends.

As a first step - turn off the computer and TV. Cut yourself from the news flow and business correspondence, from the residence of the LCD monitor on, tiring eyes and voraciously eats up our time. If you are unsure of your endurance and stamina, unplug the power cord. And even better - lock the apartment and go to friends, to nature, even just for a walk. When it comes to holiday in another country, usually the same - do not take a laptop and as little as possible use the phone. If it is possible - buy a SIM card, the number of which will be known only native.

Very often a hindrance to relax efforts to become expensive - registration permits, fees. Get rid of this headache in advance - in advance enjoy a choice of places to travel and purchase tickets, make a list of needed items, if possible collect suitcases. Intelligently distribute it for a few days, if not weeks, and it will not cause any fatigue or reduced performance. Quite the contrary - a few minutes of activity devoted to release significantly improve mood and increase work efficiency.

Our rest actively discourages usual way of life. Do not make plans to conquer the grand shops or cleaning. You'd be surprised, but you can find it all the time and is vacation. For example, the cleaning can be carried out in parts. No one really does not force you to do everything at once. Highlight the morning fifteen minutes to wet cleaning: very soon you will find that you no longer need so much time to lead an apartment in order, because the dust just do not have time to settle. Similarly, you can cope with other household chores. A weekend to dedicate yourself.

And this is another big obstacle to rest. Communication with other people. Even close sometimes tiring, and if it happened to you ... do not keep in itself, recognizing that want to relax in solitude. Believe me, no one is eager to see you irritable and tired. Not to go to the quarrels that inevitably arise when Accumulate irritation. Openness, albeit sometimes not very nice, is largely due to the strengthening of relations. Conversely rule also applies: if you do not get enough attention, tell - because others may simply not be aware that something is going wrong.

The last thing is to remember, trying to have a good rest: do not listen to anyone or anything. Do what gives you pleasure. There are many tips on how to relax: meditate, read, walk. But once you know that the best you feel on a wide windowsill of her apartment, wrapped in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and watching the city at night. Or maybe your holiday - a day of relaxation at the spa? Or the conquest of the mountain top? Take a look at yourself - there has long been an answer, he just waits for him to pay attention.

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