Weekend in Paris

Weekend in Paris
 If you suddenly wanted romance and change stop, the trip - the perfect combination to set the mood and new experiences. And for the rest it is not necessary to go for a long time, enough to spend an unforgettable weekend. Especially if you spend it in Paris.

Of course, if you do not have a visa, the spontaneous vacation will not work. But do visa for 10-14 days, so that the time you have. Book your hotel in the heart of Paris, will be enough and three-star. All the same, you will come to the room after midnight. And be sure to take comfortable shoes - Paris is a city that can and should be all on foot. If you fly a morning flight on Friday, you get three full days, plus Paris time behind Moscow for two hours.

If you are in Paris for the first time, you will have enough of the traditional tourist route - Louvre, Montmartre, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower. Planning day, please note that in high season for all attractions huge queues, and on weekends especially crowded. On the day of arrival you can arrange a leisurely stroll through the city, because each of his house is in itself a work of art. Just be sure to bring a map of the city - Paris is easy to get lost in the numerous streets and alleys.

But shoppers capital a little disappointed. In Paris, everything is quite expensive, it makes sense to buy only the very expensive brands to be sure of their authenticity, as, by the way, and perfumes. Things are mass market, as well as in Russia. But visiting the Louvre and enjoy the beautiful, so nice to continue to walk along the Champs Elysees, where shops and boutiques, and get no less pleasure.

Evenings can be spent in a cafe or restaurant, drinking wine and eating his fragrant cheeses and snails. And you can visit the scandalous Moulin Rouge and Lido, which set you up for the continuation of a romantic evening. A final chord Parisian weekend could be dinner at the Eiffel Tower with stunning views of the city. In the evening, do not rush to the hotel, be sure to wait until the night include a backlight. And let the night illumination of the Tower will be the final point of your weekend in the most romantic city in the world.

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