Two days Forget about me

Two days Forget about me
 When the holidays are still far, but you feel that you have already accumulated fatigue and performance has fallen, make a mini-vacation. This means that you should use the two days off in order to have a rest, recover, and with renewed vigor, and, most importantly, with a great desire to return to work.

Labor rhythm, especially in large cities, it is very stressful. Time spent not only on the job but also the fact that in the morning to get to it, and in the evening - home. For many, it became natural to stay at work, and even come to her over the weekend. You work a lot, but the performance of your all time falls, you do not have time to perform scheduled in time and start to get nervous and frustrated. Neither on the nervous system, or the appearance is not positively recognized. Realize this and say to yourself, "Stop! "Lost health then you do not reimburse any money earned.

The best option is really away from it all will be a change of scenery, but you need a place where you do not even think about work and distracted by household chores. There are a great option where you can escape on Friday evening after work.

Surely, you have to take some located near a holiday home or a boarding house. As a rule, in the offseason places almost half-empty. They are located in a beautiful corner of nature, so in the vicinity you can always walk. Phoned the administrator to arrange arrival. Find out if they have a cosmetologist in the state, it is possible to order a sauna.

Do not take a laptop, buy a new book, a favorite author. In addition to books, you can bring your favorite fruits, good cheese, a little delicacies, a bottle of red wine - and in a way.

Arriving, turn off the mobile phone, a good sleep at night, and on Saturday, visit a beautician or spa, now they have almost every resort. Dedicate its beauty all day, swimming pool and sauna, go for a walk. TV will not turn back, relax and throw away all worries.

If there is a beautician - it does not matter, all that is needed for your beauty, you can bring along. Walk, enjoy nature, go to the sauna, do yourself a mask, roll about under a blanket and read. By Sunday evening, you will feel fresh and rested, and on Monday colleagues you just do not know.

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