Travel Weekend

Travel Weekend
 Heavy work week and constant stress metropolis provoke citizens to leave the cozy apartment. I would like to silence, rest, but just a change of scenery. Weekend trips are becoming increasingly popular. A short ride become a good tradition in most families.
 If you have your own car, a trip out of town for the weekend - it's not complicated. That was an interesting journey, plan a route in advance. Select a location in the forty - fifty miles from the city, so you will not tire on the road. If you want privacy, looking for a comfortable glade, preferably on the banks of a river or lake. Then, if the weather permits, you can not just walk in nature, but with a swim. Be sure to stock up drinking water, fast food, tent, warm sleeping bags and the means for protection against insects. In addition, on a hot day, always use creams with high factor sun protection. This is especially important for children, whose delicate skin burns very quickly.

If you do not like the privacy and strive to learn something new, go on a tour of the old city or village. You do not necessarily have to be the proud owner of your own vehicle, you can book a tour in any agency. Weekend trips are very popular, and with the onset of the summer season, the company offers a huge selection of options. You can go on one day and stay at the destination overnight. Bus transfers will not be too tedious if you stock up special pillow for the traveler. It is a small semi-circle of rubber covered with a soft cloth. He put on his neck, allowing to take a comfortable position and sleep in a chair. Also, do not forget to wear comfortable shoes and light loose fitting. It does not restrict movement, and will not only accommodate the bus, but also easily pass many kilometers behind the guide.

According to the observations of psychologists, people are leaving the city for the weekend, far better rest of those who does not get up from the couch, relaxing near the TV. In addition, travelers are much more familiar, they are more friendly and successful commute with the outside world.

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