Travel credit

Travel credit
 When really want to relax on the shores of the warm sea, and there is no money even for a trip to a nearby village, the output can be a journey into the loan. Such trips are becoming increasingly popular, because not all get to save.  
 To take a trip on borrowed money, you can go to the bank or directly in a travel agency.

The bank most convenient to take out a loan for urgent needs. Indeed, in most financial institutions, it is given without collateral and guarantors. You only need an identity document, and in some cases, certificate of employment. The amount of credit is typically less than 200,000. But this money is more than enough for a trip abroad.

Pay attention to the interest rates and fees that exist in the bank. Often the rates on consumer loans are much higher than the target.

You can apply for a loan in itself a travel agency. Many travel companies provide their customers with a service. They have a contract with the bank, and the money you provide banking organization. And you can fill out the paperwork right at the travel agency manager.

Some large travel companies, such as "Pegas Touristik" instead of a loan installment Tours. This means that you will not have to pay interest for the journey into debt. You just pay for the tour for a few months after returning from a trip. But the last minute to purchase under this scheme can not be. After the transfer of money from the bank to the firm may take several days.

Travel on credit is appealing because you can go to the country of their dreams, even if the funds accumulated on vacation is not enough. In addition to the borrowers, banks are travelers tend to be more loyal than those who take credit for urgent needs, as the percentage of defaults on them one of the lowest.

Travel agencies also try to send you to a vacation, regardless of general relativity, at his own expense, you are planning a vacation or borrowed. After all, they need to expand their customer base.

If you are thinking about upcoming payments for already spent holidays will not spoil your holiday and impressions of the trip, the tour on credit - your option.

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