Time Travel: Jordan

Time Travel: Jordan
 Jordan - not too popular tourist destination for Russians. And it is in vain! In this unique country, which is mentioned in the Bible and the New Testament, many attractions. And the beautiful seaside resorts where you can relax and recuperate.
 In Jordan, you can relax on the Red or Dead Sea. On the first resorts are equipped beaches where you can comfortably soak up the sunshine. In addition, there is a real paradise for divers. After all, in the Red Sea are many beautiful coral reefs, colorful exotic fish and other sea animals. It is very clear water, visibility reaches 80-100 meters deep. So if you still do not dare to go scuba diving, you can just swim and snorkel, unforgettable experience guaranteed.

On the famous Dead Sea ride promote health and get rid of skin diseases, diseases of the respiratory system, problems with joints. About this unique body of water with the salt water in the world built many treatment centers. Here, special programs of treatment and healing the body. Tangible advantage - calm, there is no threat of terrorism and constant skirmishes as in Israel.

However, the rest in Jordan is unthinkable without visiting the local attractions. In the territory of preserved ancient monuments of history and culture. For example, the Nabatean city of Petra in pink stone, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Or Greco-Roman Jerash, buried under the debris flow, medieval Karak - a city with a mysterious crusader castle maze. And yet - Arab fortress Es Salt, locks Madaba and Al Azraq, Early Christian Church at Mount Nebo. Surprisingly, to have survived even Mukavvir fortress, which was the palace of the biblical King Herod. According to legend there beheaded John the Baptist.

The state capital - the city of Amman. There are many interesting museums, colorful oriental market where they sell, it seems everything. Another worth visiting place - Wadi Ramm. Generally in the country a lot of deserts, but this - special. In her beautiful red-brown mountains that change color in the sun. A big plus for tourists visiting Jordan, that all the attractions can be easily reached by car: the path does not take more than two hours.

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