Time Travel: Japan

Time Travel: Japan
 Japan - a country with a unique culture. It has long lures travelers from all over the world who want to touch the amazing philosophy evolved over the centuries, to feel unusual Japanese mentality, see the stunning sights of Japan.
 Tours to Japan are not cheap, but those who still found the means to travel to this mysterious country, never regret spending. Where you can still admire the snowy peak of the sacred Mount Fuji surrounded by orchards of cherry blossoms? Or visit the representation of the legendary Kabuki, where all the women's roles are dressed and made-up male actors. But nothing of the ancient school of geishas and spectacular matches heavyweight sumo wrestlers and say nothing - is not it true exotic!

Japan showed the world amazingly melodic verses and Hoku evoking excitement code of the samurai, intricate art of calligraphy and bizarre rock gardens. In this country the kind to nature, they honor the age-old traditions, respect their elders, public higher personal value. And all this can witness, having been in Japan.

The capital and business center of the country - Tokyo. Here priceless cultural and historical monuments harmoniously coexist with futuristic buildings of glass and concrete. In each district of the city there is something interesting. For example, in the Ginza many shops with excellent, quality products. And yet - the luxurious Imperial Palace and Kabuki-za Theatre.

Shinjuku is full of skyscrapers and giant retail space. But there is a large national park, where you can leisurely stroll among the greenery and relax from the hustle and bustle. Shitamachi - the area of ​​so-called Old Tokyo. Every summer there are held a variety of festivals. Asakusa is famous Buddhist complex Canon, Edo-Tokyo Museum and, of course, the National Sumo Stadium. And if you want to see the whole city at a glance, go up to the observation deck of the Tokyo Tower. View opens a stunning, especially at night.

But the rest of Japan - is not only informative excursions and sightseeing. Country from all sides by the ocean, so there are many beautiful beaches. This Wakayama with white sand, emerald waters of Okinawa, Yamaguchi with lush greenery, Kirara Beach, shining in the sun, and others. The traveler can choose a place to relax at your leisure. And bask in the warm sand, reliving the experience of what he saw.

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