Summer - time travel: preparation for release

Summer - time travel: preparation for release
 It is summer - the season of long-awaited vacation. Want to quickly finish all the urgent business at work, collect the suitcase and fly towards the sea and the sun. Prepare yourself for a journey to travel not to think about anything other than rest.
 Tourism market offers a huge selection of different trips to suit all tastes. Explore options for tour operators to choose a trip which best suits your taste. Do not forget that the summer demand for cheap air tickets to popular resorts is very great, and the free space on the right flight could end in a few days or even weeks before departure. Also for entry to many countries require a visa. Therefore, better to buy your favorite tour. It is possible that early acquisition will allow you to save, because many hotels offer discounts for early booking.

You have decided on the country in which you want to spend your vacation, now vote favorable health situation and the likelihood of disease. It may be necessary to make a preventive vaccination in advance. It is better to think through all the unpleasant moments in advance to enjoy a wonderful vacation vacation without spending time on the doctors.

Important stage of preparation for the trip - the formation of first-aid kits. If you eat abroad, bring a cure for indigestion, antipyretic, analgesic, funds from burns and patches. Be sure to grab a protective sunscreen. Think about what still needs to be right for you. Did you wear contact lenses, then do not forget to buy a liquid to care for them with capacity of 100-150 ml.

Often, before the trip the girls are planning to hold a number of cosmetic procedures. Find out how long after their implementation can not sunbathe or swim. For example, after cleaning the face skin requires 1-2 days of rest, and after hair removal - a week.

Of course, you want to be irresistible. Think about your outfits. If something is missing, buy the right to leave. The resort will all be much more expensive. It is not necessary to take a holiday many things to be different every day. Pick clothes that can be combined in different variations. Help create a unique image of accessories.

Make photocopies of documents. During the trip better carry them with you and leave the originals in the room.

And do not forget your camera. It's so nice to review pictures beautiful holiday in anticipation of the next trip.

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