Summer fun: the best water parks of the world

Summer fun: the best water parks of the world
 If relaxing on the beach, despite the opportunity to sunbathe, play beach volleyball, ride a scooter, you became monotonous and boring, go to the water park. Plenty of entertainment and attractions will make a visit to its fun and memorable.
 Water parks today are located almost next to each major resort. Many of them offer a variety of extreme and exotic attractions. Entertainment like you're bound to find yourself in the most famous and largest parks in the world.

Finland, of course, is not the resort country: the cold climate does not allow a long time to bask in the sun and splashing in the waves. However, Serena Water Park is recognized as the largest in Europe. There is arranged a series of terraced pools, waterfalls, lots of saunas, vrublennyh directly into the rock. There is a huge 45-meter "Akvatyubik", 100-meter hill with music and lighting effects, and a 60-meter water descent.

The title of best in the world again honored the largest water park in North America - Noah's Ark Waterpark. Most visitors to the park are stored water slides, which can reach speeds up to 50 km / h, this attraction is called "black anaconda." Also at the park has the world's largest crater "Hole of time." In the maelstrom of 21m depth all roll on an inflatable raft. The park Noah's Ark Waterpark there 4D-cinema, while unique in the world.

A water park in the Canary Islands Siam Park Tenerife depicts an ancient Asian city surrounded by wild jungle. In the "Palace of the wave" surfers can try to win a three-meter wave. In "Tower of Power" realistically simulates falling into a pool of alligators.

The largest in the Middle East Lost Paradise of Dilmun stylized cradle existed hundreds of years ago the ancient civilization of Dilmun. Total displacement rides reaches 10, 5 million liters. Here is a great variety of slides of different heights and shapes, beautiful fountains, beaches and much more.

Going to a water park, choose swimwear, sitting on you and firmly. Otherwise, you risk losing them on one of the rides.

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