Sochi: Russian tourism and recreation

Sochi: Russian tourism and recreation
 Sochi. On hearing the name, not only in Russia but also in the world: before the opening of the XXII Winter Olympic Games left very little time. The city, which has always been deservedly popular because of sanatorium bounties, can rightly be called the southern capital of Russian tourism and recreation, sports center in the country. Sochi prettier every day and will be honored to wear the title of a unique world-class mountain climatic resort.

Greater Sochi - is one hundred forty-five kilometers Russian subtropics in a picturesque location on the shores of the Black Sea. Resort complex that was built and constructed in Khostinsky, Adler, the Lazarev and Central regions, took over half of the recreational potential of the Kuban. Account sanatoria, rest homes, tourist camps, boarding houses and hotels in the hundreds. Guests gracious southern edge attracted by unique climate and natural resources of the Black Sea coast: warm water, healthy air, lush vegetation, the amazing beauty of the landscape.

In these places, there is virtually no winter: the average winter temperature is considered to + 8 ° C. Pleases summer - at an average temperature of seawater 24, 5 ° C, in air - 26 5 ° C. Almost 90% of the area of ​​Greater Sochi - it foothills and mountains of the Western Caucasus, the highest peaks of which ascended to the clouds at a height of over 3,000 meters. Recall: Sochi - the heart of the State natural national park, and part of it is included in the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve.

Of course, the glory of Sochi brought his "health industry". In the famous spa and climatic health resorts of successful doctors Matsesty mineral water, mud Adler. Here mastered the newest methods of treatment of various diseases in conjunction with the most valuable natural factors. However, the reason for the trip to Sochi can become not only a concern for overcoming some ailment. The resort - a meeting place for fans of the many cultural and sporting events: national and international film festivals "Kinotavr" Fashion Festival "Velvet Seasons in Sochi", KVN festivals, international cycling race, regatta, and many others.

Indisputable fact: Sochi - a place of pilgrimage for tourists and just having a rest. Selection of offers active recreation and local tourist routes is amazing.

 In Sochi, offers not only a passive beach holiday (it certainly also has a certain circle of his admirers). Constant demand among vacationers enjoy the numerous sea activities in vigorous movement: walking sailing, windsurfing, hydroplane, scuba diving, jet ski. If you already have enough to enjoy the sea and caught fire to the desired chocolate color, at your service - travel to the mountains, to beautiful alpine meadows and snowy peaks of the Western Caucasus. Hiking and horseback hiking, skiing and snow-cats - the choice is yours. Lovers of "extreme" - a holiday. They always get the desired portion of emotions during the rafting on a mountain river or in a mysterious labyrinth of caves on speleomarshrute. Paragliding, hot air ballooning, rock climbing, canyoning, jeeping - all this and much more can be experienced and try arrived in Sochi on the ticket or a free tourist.

 Do not forget to visit Krasnaya Polyana, 40 km from Adler - a tiny Russian Switzerland. Only here can connect fabulously "fire and ice": a difference of a few hours and you can ride on skis in the white cold snow, and swim in the hot sun in the blue sea.

History lovers also have something to admire and wonder what in Sochi. Prewar and postwar motels with their ancient pomp are real monuments. Memorable excursions to the park "Riviera", Sochi Arboretum. The city center is famous for a special monument - tisosamshitovoy grove, where the venerable elders trees grow now 700-800 years. Historical become major Olympic venues. Eleven of them in two clusters - the mountain and coastal, remote from each other fifty kilometers. In each cluster - its Olympic Village.

Look forward to the annual positive change in the lives of its residents resorts Krasnodar Territory. And together with them we all - potential guests a unique resort city of Sochi.

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