Ibiza: not only dancing

Ibiza: not only dancing
 Bright sun, warm sea, white beaches, lively nightlife ... So in a few words can be characterized Ibiza. This Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea, on it all year reign fun, vanity and eternal summer.

Ibiza is located 90 km from mainland Spain and the third largest after Mallorca and Menorca. Year-round perfect weather it reigns. From April to October, temperatures rarely drop below 20 ° C. The sea is very warm and friendly, the water temperature can reach 26 ° C (July to October). But at the same time with the sea often blow cool breezes that save from the heat. Ibiza's many sandy beaches with white sand, beautiful coves and bays. One of the most popular beaches found Benniras. It is located in the north of the island. There is also a variety of shops, cafes and bars where you can not only have fun, but also to make various purchases: to update your wardrobe, buy souvenirs to relatives and friends.

Despite its beautiful nature and mild climate, Ibiza is still considered an island of fun and entertainment. Real life begins here only at night. On this small island is a huge amount of nightlife. Among them are the biggest club in the world «Privilege». It accommodates up to 10 000 people! It is, perhaps, everything: the pool and beautiful garden. And the view, which opens to the night Ibiza, with nothing can not be compared. Besides the club, very popular «Es Paradis», «Amnesia», «Eden», «Pacha», «El Divino» and others. In the tourist center of Playa d'en Bossa is a night club «Space», famous for its «after-parties».

But Ibiza attracts not only lovers of night life, but also people of other level. For example, in San Antonio has a wonderful promenade, with views of the sea from countless yachts. In this place attracts sailors from around the world. And here it is possible to meet some Hollywood stars, famous model or musician.

 Beauty and singularity of Ibiza lures famous artists, photographers, film producers, seeking to capture the magnificence of this island on canvas or film.

There are in Ibiza and the various attractions that are of interest to tourists. In the main city of the island - Ibiza (the people it is called Vila) - you can visit the cathedral, walk to the fortress of Castel. And in the bottom of the shopping districts are located - Ca-Ca-Pena and Marina. In the district of Vila Dal (Dalt Vila) is located, the most historical monuments. You can visit the Archaeological Museum, where some of the exhibits belong to V - VII centuries BC In the same area is the Gothic cathedral, built in the X century, as well as many old houses, received the status of monuments of national culture.

Ibiza - an island where everyone will find something for something interesting and memorable. For young people and representatives of the world's leading lights - is likely to be nightly entertainment, perfect for fans of pozagorat- warm sea, white sand and great nature, for the elderly - a variety of cultural sites and monuments.

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