How to overcome fear of flying

How to overcome fear of flying
 Fear of Flying - in psychology, this problem is called aerophobia. Very common, it is often a cause for discord in families and problems at work, creates difficulties in business. In this phobia is not so serious as it seems to many people. With the fear of flying can compete successfully, and if simple "home" means you do not fit, you can consult a professional psychologist. Usually after 2-3 sessions people cease to be afraid to fly.
 The main problem aerophobia often lies in the fact that under this shell hides other fears and concerns, such as fear of heights or claustrophobia. In the West, for people who are afraid of planes, even using simulators, Boeing and special computer programs. According to statistics, 98% of cases are cured aerophobia, with, for most people, the problem is solved quite simply. Despite this, many people believe that they can not do anything to help, during the flight, they quietly "fill in" your own alcohol, but it does not help resolve the problem, it merely exacerbates it.

If you are afraid to fly, think about some things. Planes as buses. They make regular flights, making several flights a day. Before each flight at the airport, a thorough inspection of the aircraft, and if there is at least some kind of problem, the plane will not fly. For safety, always a lot of people who are professionals in their field.

Therefore, if during the flight do you usually listen to the noise of the motor and at the hearing trying to determine whether all of them in order to leave this occupation. All the same, you do not own or completeness. All this checked out people who understand this better than you. They carefully monitor the serviceability of the equipment during the voyage. If fear of heights is crucial for you, then ask for registration aisle seat.

Before departure a little something to eat. Do not need to overeat, it is undesirable to use a lot of fat or sweet, abstain from alcohol or caffeine. Coffee increases the excitability, so that by it you will just more nervous. Wellness and non-empty stomach will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

During the flight, and it waits for the next breath. Take deep breaths and calm, filled with air, not only the upper part of the chest, and the diaphragm, and abdomen.

Do not be late to register, do not put out of the house, even if the flight is very afraid of you. If everything is done safely and on time, decrease anxiety, everything will go according to plan, and it will be a calming factor.

During the execution of the flight by plane, try to start a conversation with your neighbors, it will help to distract, and if you will fall an interesting conversationalist, the entire flight fly by, you will not have time to be frightened and opportunities. In any case, bring a good book, a magazine or an interesting film. Some during the flight perfectly helps calm knitting. The process itself promotes relaxation, to the same time will be held for the benefit.

If simple tips do not help, consult a psychologist. Professional help you cope with aerophobia without too much difficulty.

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