How to get a work visa

How to get a work visa
 Many people are looking to expand their professional horizons by searching work abroad. Indeed, often in another country may open broader prospects for professional fulfillment. But it is often necessary to overcome a lot of formalities, for example, to obtain a work visa.  
 To visit and stay in most of the world Russian citizen need a visa. There are different visa. They depend on the duration, and, most importantly, the trip purposes. In almost all countries, there are special "work visas" - come on them specialists of different skill levels. According to these documents, the person can start work immediately after arrival in the country.

Conditions for obtaining such a visa may vary greatly depending on which country you want to enter. Nevertheless, there are some common features, for example, in the package of documents. To travel to any foreign country to work you need a passport. If you do not, then it is necessary to issue the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation. This should be addressed in advance, as the production of such a document usually takes about a month.

Next to a work visa usually requires a contract with an employer or other proof of its commitment to take you to work. Also, the consulate may ask you to provide information about where you will live, and the availability of funds you have for the first time in the country of residence.

Also, you will probably be required to pay the application fee for the services of the consulate. Usually it is a small amount, or more precisely, you can learn at the embassy of the country you are interested in.

Apply for a work visa is usually made in person and by appointment. However, if you live far from the city in which the consulate, and you have a good reason to stay at home, the documents can take you by mail or through an accredited agency with the consulate.

Also, in addition to general work visas, there are documents produced by a special procedure. These include visas for o-pair - domestic helpers, at the same time engaged in the study of language and more.

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