Hot country: Tunisia mysterious

Hot country: Tunisia mysterious
 Tunisia called the pearl of North Africa. This beautiful exotic country with a rich ancient history. Holidays in Tunisia combines the traditional areas of spa and thalassotherapy, active and beach activities and sightseeing, which are fraught with mysteries and legends of the past.
 Tunisia - a unique state on the development of which had the attention of several civilizations. The ancient Romans left behind a number of architectural monuments, ancient churches, castles and sculptures. The Phoenicians built the famous Carthage. Their mark on the rich history of the Tunisian left the Byzantines, Arabs, Germans, Turks, Italians, and finally the French.

Some time Tunisia was a French colony that has left its mark on the country. Tunisians are very honored traditions, which is reflected, inter alia, in the architecture and decoration of most hotels. But despite the noticeable influence of European civilization - are the highest quality of service corresponding to the best standards of rest.

Tunisia - a hot country, here it is best to rest in the offseason. The most popular time for tourists - it is May-June and September-October, although the swimming season lasts from May to November. In summer the temperature reaches 40 degrees, and in winter - falls to 15, also in the period from December to April, rains a lot. However, prudent Tunisians prepare interesting and exciting activities for the New Year holidays.

In Tunisia, a very popular thalassotherapy. This kind of treatments for the body also penetrated here from France and settled down nice. It helps to restore the body and relieves the symptoms of many diseases, including disorders of the musculoskeletal system, blood circulation, heart, skin diseases, etc. In addition, it is a powerful therapy against stress and excess weight.

The largest thalassotherapy centers are Hamammete. It also built the nation's largest water park with sea water, in which not only the traditional slides and pools, but also has two artificial river with a calm and fast flowing.

Beach holidays in Tunisia fits all - as lovers lie on the warm sand, and fans of active pastime: water skiing, surfing, scuba diving. You can make a trip to the Sahara desert and not only on the tourist bus. It is very common hiking excursions, skiing or sailing on the dunes, flying in a balloon or seaplane.

Buying souvenirs - a very common activity for tourists. However, it should be borne in mind that the stores in Tunisia are working on a special temporary scheme. In the afternoon, all private shops and shopping centers are closed for 3-4 hours depending on the season. This is due to the negative influence of the sun, which is particularly dangerous time. This is necessary to listen and leisure and spend lunch hours under a canopy or indoors.

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