Honeymoon: from romance to the extreme

Honeymoon: from romance to the extreme
 Ended mess wedding day, on the ring finger ring shines. The newlyweds will spend a beautiful romantic honeymoon. This trip will be unforgettable, if advance carefully consider where and how to spend this time together.
 The main thing in a honeymoon to enjoy life, each other, make love without restraint. Therefore, a honeymoon, you can go to the most romantic corners of the world. Many newlyweds attract exotic islands: Seysheyly, Mauritius, Ko Samui, Cuba, attracting beautiful beaches, the charming bungalows on the coast, clear water and blue skies. In the groves of paradise can afford to be lazy, and if you get bored, you can dilute the rest Thai massage, walks on elephants or on the boat, fishing for exotic fish.

If you want to repeat the wedding ceremony, but make it more exotic, go to India, Thailand or Bali. Similar ceremonies are incredibly beautiful, magnificent temples are decorated with fragrant flowers, light candles of happiness, love and the beloved drink beverages and exchanged garlands.

Even more extreme sensations can be found in Tahiti. Here to the place of the wedding ceremony the groom arrives on the cake, the bride and bring in a chair porters. Tahitian priest announces pair of husband and wife in front of three and bless the newlyweds coconut milk. The rite is accompanied by folk songs and dances.

If an exotic vacation you do not like, then spend a romantic honeymoon in Europe. Visit Paris - the city gained fame as the city of love and lovers. In Venice, the young husband simply must sing a serenade under the window of his beloved. But to love each other forever, kiss under the Bridge of Sighs.

Escape together from the bustle of big cities can be to Sicily, Sardinia, Capri, Santorini, in Brittany, Tuscany. In Europe, many secluded romantic corners, where the lovers will spend their most memorable days in your life. If you want to grasp the immensity - Venture a cruise. Many cruise companies offer special tours, including a huge number of bonuses for a romantic honeymoon.

If you are fans of extreme sports, you like the idea of ​​marriage under water or in the air, the romantic journey through the old Europe or leisure activities on an exotic beach is not for you.

In winter, head to Swedish Lapland, where you can spend the night on reindeer skins in a cozy double bag in the room ice hotel under the name "Icehotel". This hotel is erected each winter.

However, there are a lot of unusual and non-standard hotels, where lovers can spend their honeymoon. This can be a house of Tarzan in Brazil or underwater hotel off the coast of Florida. And how do you stop the idea in the room under the ground in the desert of New Mexico?

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