Greek Islands: going on a journey

Greek Islands: going on a journey
 Going on vacation in Greece, premeditated trip details to your vacation unforgettable. Be sure to visit one or more of the Greek islands. They will definitely amaze you with its beauty, nature. The island has many unique archaeological and historical monuments.
 On vacation want to enjoy the scenery of extraordinary beauty, see blue, blue sea and sky, the ancient city. Then you on the Greek island of Rhodes. On this island every great time. And lovers of peace, and stay active, and lovers of antiquity. Be sure to visit the capital of the island of the same name. This cozy town consisting of narrow, winding streets, paved with stone. Mainly two-storey houses with small windows. There are many souvenir shops. The city center is a former fortress.

On the shore of the sea rises a beautiful ancient fortress of Lindos. Pass by without seeing it, it is impossible, as it stood on the mount. It offers a breathtaking view of the cliffs and the sea, which reflects the sky.

Visit tour in the dead city of Pompeii. It's interesting to walk through the old streets, to look into abandoned houses, walk through the town square. By the way the reason why people have left the city, is still not clear. It will be something to think about.

If you do not have more resources, visit the Greek island of Zakynthos, the ride here will cost you much cheaper. And the impressions you get to the next holiday. The island is washed by the waters of the Ionian Sea, across the coastline are many grottoes and caves. Blue Caves are known worldwide, and can be reached only by boat. In the Blue Cave should visit even those who can not swim, you will be given a lifejacket. At four-meter depth, the bottom can be seen completely. It is an unforgettable sight.

Traveling around the island, you will see beaches with different color of water. The color of gravel and sand changes color of the sea, it can be green, blue, turquoise. So do not be surprised.

 Visit the monasteries by nature, together with a man. Many of them are built into the cliffs and are high in the mountains. On this island you can find everywhere giant tortoises. They are very trusting, they can even touch. Do not offend them.

 The Greek island of Crete - the largest island. Crete offers the best climate in Europe, excellent hotels, rocky coves, fascinating mountains. Arriving at Crete, visit the famous Palace of Knossos, the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion. On the island of 3 mountain ranges, in which there are more than 3 thousand caves. Some of them grow stalactites and stalagmites. Great variety of landscapes, crystal-clear sea, mountain villages, sandy beaches, nightlife made the island an ideal holiday destination.

 Greece has more than 1000 islands, and each one is unique.

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