Extreme tourism for women

Extreme tourism for women
 People vary associates the word tourism. For someone tourism - a holiday on the beach, near the swimming pool. And some prefer to climb into the mountains to experience yourself for strength with the development of adrenaline in the body.

In recent years, among the tourists became more urgent leisure. Men and women want to see the underwater world, to jump from a height of heaven on a parachute and win the tops of the mountains.

If a weak half of humanity is not indifferent to the water element, you can try their hand at surfing, diving, rafting and wakeboarding. Diving is popular around the world. For immersion in water requires special equipment and wetsuit. The number of people who saw the underwater world of the seas, exceeds the number of skiers and parachutists. If you do not like dive into the water, then try yourself in veybordinge. This sport combines skiing, snowboard and skate. Accelerating the speed, the boat creates a wave that is a springboard for jumping and other frills person. Another interesting type of tourism is considered rafting, which is a mountain slope on the river on a raft or canoe.

If you do not find water extreme interest to you, then try hiking, which is associated with difficulties and obstacles. Routes for this type of holiday routed through wilderness areas. If you are a fan of geology, you can take part in a study of white spots on the world map, visiting caves and underground structures and buildings that people have created. For lovers of mountain peaks eat more extreme sport - climbing.

If your element air, then you need to try skydiving. If you jump from a height of more than 4 thousand meters, the speed of free fall will last about a minute. In the air, you can do a couple of acrobatic tricks. You can also make the leap from the base point, but your reaction speed must be maximized to open a saving parachute.

For women who love exotic extreme, can visit the wild jungle to merge with nature, or to go to Chernobyl to see a resurgent wildlife.

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