Diving in the Maldives

Diving in the Maldives
 Maldives provide diving excellent facilities not only for artists but also for beginners. The resort took care of its tourists - right here, you can undergo a beginner diver and dive into the sea in a special place for beginners, with gentle slopes, soft corals and amazing underwater world.

A huge number of unexplored reefs of the Maldives attracts diving enthusiasts from around the world. Here you can enjoy a relaxing dip and contemplation of beautiful tropical fish, and you can go to the site of the shipwreck and feel like a real adventurer, go night diving and explore the caves, in the gam undercurrent. To almost every reef diving can be reached by swimming from the beach. The best reefs - at Ellaidhoo, Wade, Giraavaru, Baros Ra and other resorts, but, in fairness, we note that almost all of the islands are nearby reefs, but not always great. Maldives Scuba Safaris in remote reefs, if there is such a desire. However, beginners should still initially confine the study of nearby reefs, it is safer.

The best time for diving in the Maldives is the period from January until the April, at this time of year the sea in the Maldives is quiet, the sun is warm, the weather is beautiful, excellent visibility. Those who want to see whales, should be sent to the resort in late August - late September. Of course, no one stops to dive into another season, but keep in mind that during the monsoon season, which continues in the Maldives from June to August, you can put the rain and wind, at this time will not be able to get to the most interesting reefs.

Maldivian government takes care of its tourists, and does everything that diving was safe mode pastime, and therefore, the islands are special rules for scuba diving, and they should be consulted on a mandatory basis. Important role right to challenge the instructor - he will determine whether a person diving alone, or should join the group. Maldives is strictly prohibited to use when fishing harpoons, do not remove live and dead corals, marine mammals and fish, you can not catch fish in the lagoon resort network. For all of these acts on the resort guests is fined - one thousand dollars.

Almost all resorts offer its guests a night diving, however, this service is available only to experienced divers. Night diving provides an opportunity to observe the other night marine life, moreover, is much easier to shoot at night, because to fish can get closer. We should not forget about the rules of safety and beauty of the underwater world at times so mesmerizing that many snorkellers simply forget about their dangers lurking - currents, sea urchins and stars, fish, scorpion fish, and stone, burns and other dangers.

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