Ahead of impressions: Cuba

Ahead of impressions: Cuba
 Cuba - a country of contrasts, where you can ride all year round: the dancing, exotic, carnival and rich experiences. Rest on Liberty Island will certainly be a landmark event in life, and these days, full of impressions, pleasant memories will remain in memory.

This island in the Caribbean stands out for its natural diversity. Here you can see the emerald tobacco plantations on the plains, citrus groves, descending from the mountains of the field of coffee and sugar cane, rivers and swamps, caves and cliffs, and of course beautiful beaches.

The main tourist center of Varadero is freedom - is one of the best resorts in the Western Hemisphere. It is located in the northern part of the state, on the peninsula Icacos. This 20 minute miles of white sand and azure ocean waters. In addition to the beautiful beach with numerous activities on Varadero, there are many natural attractions, including the cave with cave paintings Ambrosio reefs and their inhabitants.

Rest in this country - it is not just the traditional beach activities. Here you can arrange a fascinating tour, walk on a boat, rent a car and enjoy the historical and natural wealth.

Travel to Cuba will allow a charge of vivacity and fun for the year ahead. Every day spent here will be alive with new discoveries and experiences. Cubans - people music and fun. The island is literally saturated with songs, fiery dances, fun.

Strong, burning and slightly sweet rum - another treasure of Cuba, which reveals the nature of the locals. Get out of here and not try the local rum would be a crime. Cuban cigars, perhaps, one of the main pride of the country. They rightly been recognized as the best in the world. Recipes for their manufacture carefully concealed, but it is known that they are all made from natural ingredients.

"This is a great land, which saw the eyes of man" - these were the words of the legendary Christopher Columbus when he swam to the shores of Cuba in 1492. Since then, nothing has changed, and this land still amazes travelers with its beauty and hot temper.

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