What is the earlier book tour

What is the earlier book tour
 With the development of the tourism industry there are new offers from major companies providing similar services to their customers. One of the latest innovations is the possibility of early booking tours.
 Under the earlier you book the tour imply reservation of tickets for 3-4 months, or even six months before the planned trip (depending on the particular firm). This service is offered by travel companies on favorable terms for the client. Taking advantage of early booking of the tour, you can save up to 40% of the cost of the trip.

This season, different travel companies offer early booking winter tours. In many countries, this practice has been used for a long time, people plan their trips for six months or more, as it is cost effective. Now this habit of taking root in Russia. Among the first to start early booking travel company announced "1001 Tour". Previously, such actions started it in September. Also earlier book was opened, for example, the travel company: Tez Tour, Solvex, Coral Travel, «Labyrinth" and others.

According to Maria Nicholas, Head of Customer Network "1001 Tour", an early booking is widespread in the West, which is characterized by long-term planning and measured way of life, not excluding holidays and travel. Russian customers such an approach, says Mary, too, everything is more like it. In the first hours after the announced share, the company received more than two hundred applications. And their number is increasing every day.

The benefit of tourists in the framework of the campaign is very important. This is due to discounts offered by tour operators and air carriers hotel in case of advance booking of seats on charter flights and hotel booking. Now you can take advantage of early booking of autumn and winter tours to Egypt, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, to popular ski resorts in Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Switzerland, Andorra, with departures until January of next year.

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