Walking through Vienna

Walking through Vienna
 Austria - the country of the original: like and looks like something on Germany, and at the same time and no ulterior motive was the same before the Austro-Hungary. And the people in this country - that gloomy, it is very funny. The country is inconsistent, and that is what is interesting. A familiarity with the multifaceted Austria, of course, must begin with its capital - Vienna ...
 You can start with the huge Cathedral of St. Charles Borromeo (second name - Karlskirche). Carved towers shining altar ... In the cathedral there is even an elevator. It can climb up to the dome, just down the stairs and see the frescoes, bas-reliefs, and Vienna itself from a height through the windows.

At 12 o'clock in the afternoon, try to come to chime "Arkerur." This arch with the clock, which is supported by the statue. At noon, the parade begins figures to the music (with semtyami kings, bishops, etc. - each has its own melody).

Stroll through Stadtparku (Stadtpark). It is elegantly decorated with illuminated channel embankment historic buildings nearby, flocks of ducks, pavilions, bridges and statues. In Vienna, many original sculptures. The monument stands near some special equipment: drop a coin - and you will be told about the famous person in the selected language.

Pay attention to the "Madhouse» (Hundertwasser village). Inside motley facilities include exhibition halls, art shops, and so on. N.

Go to the amusement park "Pratter." Ferris wheel with 19th century carriages, some of which are VIP cabins, operates all year round.

It is recommended to look into the Belvedere Palace. The local park is also decorated with sculptures, including many mythical creatures, and creative topiary trees and shrubs. In the Upper Belvedere (summer palace) striking design rooms and a large collection of paintings. In the Lower Belvedere impressive exquisitely decorated Golden Room.

Evening should be at least a little stroll along the Charles Square. Especially memorable musical toilet at the entrance to the central subway station and a huge skull with a ladder.

Visit the Cathedral of St. Stephen patterned. For an overview of the tower are open. One of them (height 137 m) you can climb on foot. Upstairs - a closed space. The second tower - lower, but there is an elevator. Upstairs - outdoor observation deck and a giant bell. Another interesting part of the church of St. Stephen - ancient catacombs.

In addition, you can visit the cave in the crypt under the Austrian rulers Capuchin monastery.

Marched on foot at the tourist part of the ring - the historic "ring" in this magnificent city center of Vienna a lot of monuments, temples and palaces. Considering all the imperial splendor, reach the Museum Quarter.

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