Vienna: Mozart attractions

Vienna: Mozart attractions
 Vienna, one of Europe's oldest cities, is a veritable storehouse of attractions. There is a world-famous Philharmonic Orchestra, the first in the history of mankind Zoo and Schönbrunn Palace, listed as a UNESCO.
 The capital of Austria, founded in the first century AD, is considered one of the most important cities in Europe. Vienna is the seat of the United Nations and the headquarters of several well-known social movements. Here there are numerous prestigious educational institutions such as Austrian Institute of Economic Research, Vienna Medical Institute, University of Sigmund Freud. Catholics revere as the center of Vienna archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church. And fans of art and architecture from all over the world come to Austria to look at the quirky Hundertwasser House, which is a building with sprouts in it trees and bright multi-colored facade.

However, the most popular Vienna received as the birthplace of many famous composers: Mozart, Beethoven, father and son Strauss and Schubert. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who has lived in Austria short but eventful life so, in one of his letters to his father confessed to him that Vienna - the best city on earth. Unfortunately, the tomb of genius musician has not survived, so fans pay tribute to the memory of Mozart in his house-museum, located next to St. Stephen's Cathedral. And in a city park in Vienna monument Wolfgang Amadeus around which planted flowers beds in the form of a treble clef.

One of the most famous musical landmarks of Vienna - State Opera, where are the best orchestras in the world, including the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Tickets to his concerts are sold out for the year prior to the event and there are a lot even by European standards. Therefore, tourists who are not zealous fans of classical music, can simply inspect the building, built in the mid 19th century and is the official venue for the legendary Viennese Ball.

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