Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival
 They say that their destiny can not be changed. However, there is a place on the planet where once a year you can change many things: sex, face, clothing, desires, habits, and age. Of the ordinary person to become a princess, the emperor, Pierrot, Harlequin and Columbine. To survive all these metamorphoses, need only be at the Venice carnival.
 Carnival in Venice - one of the brightest and most anticipated events in the life of Italy. At this annual extravaganza action attracts numerous tourists from all over the world, not only to see first hand, but also personally participate in it. Venice Carnival has a long history. He is the oldest of all existing carnivals in the world. The first mention of it in historical documents found in 1094. In the late 18th century, this costume festival almost died out, and in the early 20th century and was completely banned for its holding. The veto was lifted only in 1979 with the permission of the Pope. Today, the Venetian Carnival is an event of global scale, on which tend to get many.

The holiday begins ten days before the beginning of Lent. At this time, Venice, with its narrow streets and cozy squares, bridges, canals and gondoliers turns into a huge stage. City water immersed in the atmosphere of merriment. Non-stop music, a parade of painted gondolas on the Grand Canal, theatrical performances in the squares, the procession of people in luxurious outfits on the streets, and even masks, masks, - all this Carnival in Venice, take part in it can absolutely everyone. No restrictions are not there, as they were centuries ago. Hiding under the mask you like, then you can not be like himself. Problems with the acquisition of the necessary attributes of carnival in Venice will not. They can be found at every step. Even a few days before the holiday local traders spread on the shelves of the mountain carnival products: caps, coats and, of course, a mask.

Carnival traditionally starts in the heart of Venice - St. Mark's Square, where the first day of the festival played comedy shows. Upon completion of the action on all present spilling tons of multicolored confetti and thousands of balls soars into the sky. After this feast spreads throughout the city. Carnival is really quite spectacular. From the diversity of the costumes dazzled. Everywhere thundering fireworks, the music, the wine flows like water, and in the literal sense. In Piazza San Marco at the carnival fountain pours real wine, not water. Venice Carnival - it's not just march in costumes and masks on the streets and squares. At this time in the ancient palaces of the city also rattle balls, masquerades. But to get to them is by invitation only.

Carnival ends with a grand parade of costumes, spectacular fireworks and universal dance on the main square in Venice. Integral event of the last day of the festival is the burning of effigies. This is a kind of farewell to winter. By the end of the holiday sounds the bells of the church of San Francesco case Vigna, which notifies the beginning of Lent. The very next day in the city nothing reminds of unbridled joy. Venice sinking into complete silence to explode again a year later for exactly ten days fountain deafening fun.

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