Travel to Europe: Vienna sights

Travel to Europe: Vienna sights
 As befits a city with a long history full of events, Vienna is a mix of styles and colors. Not too far away in this city can be separated from the magnificent baroque residence provocative exhibition of contemporary art. Since 2001, the oldest part of the Austrian capital, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.
 Tourist center of Vienna is considered inner city, within which to fit all 1850 Austrian capital. In the middle of this area is the old district of St. Stephen, known for her built the famous cathedral, the first building which was built in the XII century. In the western part of St. Stephen's Cathedral preserved fragments of the first building.

From the west to the area of ​​St. Stephen adjoins Stock im Eisen. In the niche of one of the houses on the square in a glass cylinder, you can see another attraction - the trunk of spruce, bound with iron cramps. In the XVIII century, local blacksmiths hammered nails into a tree, believing that it will bring good luck.

On the same square is a building erected by Austrian architect Hans Hollein in 1990. This building, known as the House of Haas, stands out for its futuristic style among the houses of the old center of the Austrian capital and long served as a subject of disputes and disturbances of the Viennese.

From the square Stock im Eisen departs Graben, in the place which once housed the old moat. In the center of the street is built in the late XVII century architect Matthias Rauhmyullerom column of the Holy Trinity. This building in the style of Viennese baroque was built by order of Leopold I to commemorate the deliverance of the city from the plague. On crossing the street Graben Kohlmarkt, which, despite its name, meaning "carbon market", located jewelry stores and boutiques of famous clothing brands.

Located close to the Kohlmarkt Hofburg palace complex, the winter residence of the Austrian imperial court. This major architectural ensemble includes buildings built in styles from Gothic to Baroque. The oldest part of the complex considered Swiss yard is decorated in Renaissance style, leading to a Swiss Gate and the Gothic Palace Chapel, built in the middle of the XV century. Part of the architectural ensemble is the building of the National Library, which houses an extensive collection of books, manuscripts, papyri, maps and scores.

In the south-west of the Imperial Palace Museum Quarter is located on the territory of which the Museum of Modern Art, the Leopold Museum with a collection of Austrian art XIX-XX centuries and exhibition hall "Kunsthalle Vienna", which exhibits works of modern art. There is also the Museum of ZOOM, which is a children's entertainment and learning system with interactive exhibits.

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