Time travel: Stockholm - the capital of fairy tales

Time travel: Stockholm - the capital of fairy tales
 The capital of the Kingdom of Sweden is located on the shore of Lake Mälaren. Stockholm is the symbol of the crown. It seems that the city is surrounded by water, and you have to walk through a maze of islands, sleeves and small rivers. So you can find a lot of unusual and sometimes fabulous.
 Beautiful home in the city overall. Especially a lot of them in the center, almost all painted yellow. Decorated with painted windows of the building. This is due to the fact that in the past there was a tax on real openings, residents trying to save money, cut out in the housing one or two windows, and the rest pririsovyvali.

According to an old tale, here lived Carlson with a propeller on the back. In Stockholm there is the world's smallest monument, located in a quiet, dark place, a small patio. Tourists come and touch his hand, passing zagadyvaya desire. The height of the Bronze boy is only ten centimeters. Locals say that this is a fabulous hero Niels, who traveled with the wild geese.

Surprise and very narrow alley Martin Trotzigs, the distance between the houses, standing opposite each other, just 90 centimeters. In the courtyard of Drottningholm - which is the main street - Swedish family living. Residence can be visited with a guided tour in a specially reserved for this watch.

Visit the island of Djurgården, there are many museums. In one of them there is a warship - Vasa - built in Stockholm in 1628. On its deck mounted 64 guns, and on the boards of several hundred gilded figures. Ship sank after launching, failing to pass and 100 meters. He was picked up in the middle of the 20th century and since then it is in the museum. To board you will not be allowed, but you can go on a copy of the tree. Log on to the deck costs about 12 euros.

The museum Junibacken, inspired by the fabulous works of Astrid Lindgren, the protagonists are children. They are allowed to do whatever they want without any restrictions. For example, girls can try yourself as a housewife in a small wooden house, and the boys - to work fitters and carpenters.

Visit the island Riddaren - here you have a nice beautiful view of the city. In Stockholm, a lot of rollers, which do not require entrance fee. Here, give rent equipment, training and supervising the process of riding. The town attracts the attention of more than one year, he gave the world celebrities such as Ingrid Bergman, ABBA and others.

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