Oktoberfest in Germany for beer

Oktoberfest in Germany for beer
 The most famous beer festival - it is certainly the Oktoberfest, it is held annually in Germany. A lot of people from all over the world come here to taste as many different varieties of delicious beer. Famous attractions and traditional cuisine leave no one indifferent.
 Tradition sbiralsya this autumn festival began about 2 centuries ago, when in 1810 the prince, who later became king, celebrated his wedding. He invited to a celebration of absolutely all the inhabitants of Munich. It was decided to arrange a holiday in a meadow Theresa, who was close enough to the city. Since Oktoberfest is held in the same place for more than 200 years, but today it is located almost in the center of the city. The only change occurred in the date: if the first celebration took place in mid-October, but now the festival is held in late September, as the weather at this time better.

Today, the largest festival is annually visited by more than six million people. The territory occupied by tents, spreads over 26 hectares. Approximately 70% of the guests live in Bavaria, and the remaining 30% come here from all over the world. Not every brewery has the right to take part in the Oktoberfest. Only six of the best breweries in Bavaria can submit their drinks at the festival.

What is this great feast? Large field, dotted with tents, amusement, beer kiosks, stalls with food, sweets and other entertainment. A lot of people, some rather drunk, but none of them are aggressive, drunken brawls and disassembly - this does not meet the Oktoberfest. Many interesting attractions - the card of the festival. It has everything from the fastest and most modern roller coasters, carousels to traditional used for almost a century. There is also a Ferris wheel, which reach heights of 50m. Since it is perfectly visible surroundings.

Oktoberfest is famous for its special beer that is brewed exclusively for the festival, at other times, he was not to try. It is sold in several pavilions. Those who drank the drink, celebrate bright enough malt flavor and a slightly higher fortress of 5, 2 to 6%. In addition to all kinds of beer commercially available wines, cocktails and a selection of soft drinks. Food is traditional for Bavaria: fried chicken, pork legs, big pretzels, Munich sausages, coleslaw and meat grilled on a skewer.

At the festival, there are several huge tents, under which is placed a lot of people up to several tens of thousands. Each has a distinctive ambience. There is also a small cozy pavilions. For those who are going to attend this festival, it will be useful to know that, since 2011., in the territory of the festival was banned smoking inside the tents.

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