New Zealand Attractions

New Zealand Attractions
 "Aotearoa" ("long white cloud") - the so-Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, call their homeland. The country has experienced several waves of immigration, is the ideal place to live: favorable environmental conditions, social security and high minimum level of crime. This combination of lifestyle factors will appeal to everyone.

New Zealand is famous for its rich and diverse nature. Environmental movement, has received extensive development in the country, allows you to keep in pristine condition magnificent geysers, forests, lakes, mountains, caves, glaciers and beaches.

The country has 10 national parks (Mount Cook, Tongariro, Urevera, Fiordland and others), two marine parks and numerous reserves. Three New Zealand region - Te Vahiponamu in the southwest, Tongariro National Park and the New Zealand sub-Arctic Islands - included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

One of the most beautiful places on the planet was recognized as New Zealand's North Island, where you can see the snow-capped mountain peaks, geysers, endless green meadows, ancient volcanic plateau and endless sandy beaches. Huge picturesque port city of Auckland, the former capital of the country, named one of the 10 cities in the world, the best of life. Bridge "Harbour Bridge" fortifications on the hill "North Head", the tallest TV tower in Oceania Sky Sky Tower, a memorial village colonial era and a huge aquarium - the main attractions of the city. On the tops of extinct volcanoes is an observation deck, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea.

Waikato Region, located to the south of Auckland, is famous for picturesque landscapes and hot springs. In the area of ​​Tongariro National Park has three active volcanoes, on the slopes of which are ski station. Raglan beach areas and Kafia considered large-surfing centers, which are located near the 60 meter waterfall Bridal Vail Falls Uaitomo caves, mineral springs Te Puya Hot Springs, Park Tae-Couto, home to hundreds of birds.

The capital of New Zealand, Wellington, famous for its exotic botanic garden with its unique collection of flora, New Zealand planetarium and astronomical center. In the city are also many museums and art galleries. Nearby you can visit Kapiti bird sanctuaries and Foxton Beach, as well as "cave fireflies" Ruakokoputana.

A popular tourist destination in the northern part of the island - the famous "Bay of Islands" - is famous for beautiful beaches and lakes. Nearby is a relic forest and nursery Uaipua kiwi birds in Sullivan Park. On the beach Uaiotahi Beach is the first in the world to see the sunrise. "Hot" Beach Hot Water Beach is famous for its thermal springs, located right at the edge of the surf.

On a less populated South Island is worth a visit the fjords Sounds, distilleries Blenheim, Maori Leap Cave, near which lie the pebble beaches - habitat bird and seal colonies.

The biggest town of the island and the third largest city of Christchurch New Zealand English is full of color. From the hill of Mount Cavendish offers a beautiful panorama of the city. The surrounding area is the world's first tunnel cut through the volcano crater, one of the smallest and the largest lakes in the country at the same time Elesmer and the cleanest lake Tekapo southern hemisphere.

Popular among tourists Larnach Castle, Castle in Dunedin, old mines, where gold was extracted and the Gulf of Milford Sound, rich natural phenomena. Through the hole in the rock Peynkek Rocks called "breathing hole" with great force pulled up sea water. On Stewart Island, famous for beautiful sandy beaches, thousands of birds nest.

Unforgettable beauty of New Zealand opened the world trilogy "The Lord of the Rings." Tour companies began to arrange for the real fans pilgrimage to the filming location of specific episodes. So far, thousands of tourists visit the area of ​​Waikato (Hobbiton), Taupo (Mordor) and Wellington (Rivendell and Gardens of Isengard). Most of the filming locations because of their remoteness should be viewed from a helicopter. This areas such as Te Anau (The Dead Marshes), Spurs Milford (forest of Fangorn) and the Southern Alps, which became the prototype of the Misty Mountains.

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