New Year in Spain

New Year in Spain
 Compared to Christmas, the New Year in Spain - pretty young holiday. He considered the middle of the Yule dvenadtsatidnevya, which begins December 25 Christmas and ends on January 6th Day of the Magi. New Year's Eve in Spain celebrate festivals with dancing and refreshments.
 Most European countries celebrate New Year with a much smaller scale than Christmas. But Spain is a beautiful, bustling holiday. Preparations begin in late November. Everywhere hang colorful decorations and garlands, decorating the Christmas tree. By the way, spruce have to like not all Spaniards. Since New Year's Eve in Spain blooms a beautiful flower Flor de Navidas (poinsettia). Poinsettia petals form a star shape that resembles the Star of Bethlehem. Therefore, this flower is a symbol of New Year holidays.

On the eve of New Year's Eve in each family served festive table. The basis of the table are seafood and baked lamb. Always on the table there is ham - Spanish delicacy. Jamon - this Uncooked jerked ham for cooking which takes more than a year. Also on the table, put all kinds of sweets: marzipan, nougat halva, polvarones. The most popular New Year's drink is wine.

New Year's Eve in Spain is not usually celebrated at home and in urban areas. For example, in Madrid all gather in the main square Solar Gate. People greet each other, wish you happiness, health and love. In this country, there is a tradition - New Year's Eve with each stroke of hours you need to eat one grape, and at the same time you can make a wish. Grapes for the Spaniards - a symbol of health, happiness and wealth. The remaining grapes are people spread out in different directions.

Santa Claus in Spain Olenttsero name. He walks in the national costume and in his hand is necessarily present flask of Spanish wine. All festive night he carries children welcome gifts that puts not under the tree and leaves on the balcony. New Year turns the country into a huge fireworks display. On the areas of each city explode firecrackers and fireworks, burning torches, festive lights.

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