New Year in China

New Year in China
 Chinese New Year is also called the Spring Festival (Chunjie). It has existed for many centuries, but since ancient times have changed many of the associated rituals. New Year and still is the most beloved and revered holiday in China.
 Chinese New Year is considered a family holiday, so often it does not say in public places with friends and at home with relatives.

 Occasion need to prepare in advance. Firstly, according to tradition, the head of the family house door seals special red stripes, which depicts the mysterious characters. This is necessary in order to protect themselves from evil spirits and evil spirits at the celebration. God Zao Wan, the patron of the home, protects the family from grief and worries and eliminates the problems that have accumulated over the past year.

In this preparation does not end there - because you also need to take care of that next year was successful for the family. To do this, the Chinese are about two weeks before the New Year at fairs become comic paper money, clothes for dolls and paper Christmas decorations. All these purchases are burned in the New Year's Eve. It is believed that when the smoke from the fire will go to heaven, the fake stuff and turn into real money. In the fire and also gets a paper figure who embodies the spirit of poverty. In China, believe that in this way the spirit of the unfortunate banished for a year.

It's time for a new god of the hearth. When a new Zao Wan come into the house, he will be able to assess the family's prosperity cooked food. It is better to show him poverty, even pity and bestow wealth. It was to soften the god instead of the diversity of dishes prepared for him just a bowl of common beans.

The house is decorated with carefully hung on the walls of colored drawings, stickers with the wishes of good luck, happiness and prosperity. Also in homes during the Christmas holidays can often see an abundance of branches of pine and cypress, which are decorated with real coins.

In the midst of bustling New Year and on the streets. Leaving the house, the Chinese take with them out of clay figurine depicting a bull. It is believed that if the shower back this poor animal lashes, it will improve the fertility of the earth.

At twelve o'clock hear the sound of thunder, fireworks and fire rockets illuminate the night sky, and soon begin the march: celebrants dressed in robes walk the streets of the city with crackers, noisemakers, torches and dragon figurines; everywhere reigns festive atmosphere. Funny Folk dances, lion dances and dragon at fairs, festivals noisy on the streets will last a few more days.

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