New Year's Eve around the world

New Year's Eve around the world
 New Year - a holiday magic soaked atmosphere of mystery, it carries the faith in a better, a dream come true. Each country has its own special tradition of the New Year.
 Family holidays New Year is considered in Bulgaria. Shortly before the start of the youngest member of the family stands near a Christmas tree and sing carols for guests, for which he receives from them gifts. On the twelfth stroke of hours in the house lights go down, it's the New Year's kisses. Then the hostess cuts cake with filling Surprise. If you got the coin - to wealth, a sprig of roses - love and pepper - to tears, Bob promises excellent health.

In Denmark, the children presented a toy tree, because of the branches which looks troll. The Danes, there is a belief that the troll - is the soul of the tree. At midnight on the table with refreshments served a large cup of sweet rice porridge, which is secret - nut hidden in the bottom of the cup. This custom is like unmarried girls, because if you come across a nut, the girl certainly marry in the New Year.

British write letters, which lists what would get a holiday, and then throw the letter into the fire. It is believed that the smoke from the pipe will carry a letter Father Christmas (Father Christmas).

Another custom in England at the time the clock strikes 12, the rear door of the house opened to the last year went through them at the last stroke of the main door open, letting in the house of the New Year.

Japanese before the New Year give each other cards, which depict animals, symbolizing the coming year. A striking and impressive decoration of Japanese house is considered kadomatsu (pine at the entrance). Kadomatsu decorated with tangerines, sprigs of fern.

In Scotland, congratulate friends a piece of cake, a glass of wine and a piece of coal. Thus, as a friend would give its full-year food, drink and warmth.

Italians see off the old year, throwing out of the windows unnecessary things. New Year, they are trying to meet the updated interior, necessarily in new clothes. A symbol of all that is new in Italy is red lingerie, here give each other on 31 December. Gifts Italian Italian children bring Santa Claus and fairy Babo Nuttal La Befana.

In Spain, the New Year's Eve is a public holiday. Spaniards in the night in a hurry to the big tree in the central square, when the clock strikes every Spaniard tends to eat twelve grapes. It is believed that this ritual helps to fulfill the cherished desire.

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