Mysterious Vienna: sights to see

Mysterious Vienna: sights to see
 The unique geographical location of Vienna, combining the culture of Western and Eastern Europe, attracts many tourists. Original fortress town has retained its splendor, carrying him through the centuries, so the sights of Vienna has a rich history.
 World-famous Vienna Opera. The building is well known not only to the fact that you can hear the enchanting sounds of music written by famous composers. Original building itself looks like a Baroque façade which depicts a fragment from the opera "The Magic Flute". The opera season starts in December and trying to get tickets, many tourists who come here. The locals say that Vienna for tourists without a visit to the opera does not unfold in a variety of colors and feel the full flavor of the city will be very difficult.

Surrounds opera Ringstrasse, or just the Boulevard Ring Ring. Thinking about what to see in Vienna, this place is worth a visit, as on this boulevard ring has practically all the local attractions, from royal palaces to university buildings and the town hall.

There are many interesting places. You should start with a study of monuments. It is here that the palace complex is located Hofburn, consisting of 18 buildings. During the reign of the Habsburg dynasty here was their residence. Tours are conducted large-scale, as tourists are shown all the rooms, not just the state rooms of the palace.

Summer royal house moved to the palace of Schönbrunn, which today opened several museums of discovering the life of the royal family from the inside. The Palace is just a few stops away from Hofburna. In addition to the palace there is a large park, which has a maze of green space, but it is open for tourists not always.

At least looks bright St. Stephen's Cathedral, dating from the 12th century. Building remained intact, having survived the siege of Turkish Janissaries. The cathedral is surrounded by a large area, which can be considered the concentration of tourist life of the city. It is always crowded and noisy.

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