Malta Maritime Tale

Malta Maritime Tale
 Malta - a small island, lost in the Mediterranean Sea. Someone to Malta involves the desire to touch history, someone set out to learn English. Go there for a holiday and entertainment, which are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the absence of crime. But all the guests of Malta in common - a love of the sea.

Malta truly can be called a sea tale - with an area of ​​261, 77 square kilometers, it is full of coves, bays and lagoons, in which the waves caressing the shore and sparkling in the sun, turquoise sea water.

Malta surprising variety of beaches, both wild and well-appointed. By the pebble and sandy beaches, tourists have long been accustomed. Most striking Malta rocky beaches formed from run-waves limestone cliffs. Smooth, with cemented irregularities on civilized areas and grooves with fancy wild beaches, stone beaches suitable for sunbathing and swimming.

Nice to wander through the flat flagstones, descend like a natural swimming pool on the stairs or dive with the warm rocks in the beautiful sea. Lying on the rocks a little harsh, but it's nice for them to warm up after a refreshing sea bath! Rocky beaches are located mainly along the Sliema, Marsascala, Bugibba, San Julian, Zurrieq, Aura.

Sandy beaches in Malta are not strongly extended, because small size of the island. But they are the most beautiful. Gentle slope into the sea, soft sand, compared with cliffs, sandy beaches make the most suitable for families with children. On such a nice beach to lie on a towel, ignoring the beds and listen to the rustle of a breaking wave. The most popular beaches in Malta - it's Golden Bay, Ain Tuffieha, Dzhneyna Bay, Paradise Bay and Mellieha Bay.

Pebble beaches may not be as convenient as sandy and rocky, but they come in first place among all on the degree of exposure to body massage. Walk on gravel, lying on her back and massaging the whole body warming. Excellent pebble beach located on the west coast of the island of Gozo, included in the Maltese archipelago in the Bay Dwejra.

But those who want to merge with the sea together, feel the sea creatures in the azure waves, straight road in one of the most famous attractions of Malta - Blue Lagoon. It is situated on the third populated island of the Maltese archipelago - Comino and famous bright blue and transparent, crystal-clear water.

Dive into the marine world of Malta - a fabulous island floating on the waves of the Mediterranean!

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