Maldives - a heavenly vacation

Maldives - a heavenly vacation
 Maldivian archipelago is a 20 atolls, numbering 1,192 mostly uninhabited coral islands that are in the Indian Ocean. They located the Republic of Maldives, with a population of less than 400,000 people.
 Nine hours of summer, for example, from Moscow - and the man goes to heaven on earth. Maldives has everything for your dream vacation. Best of all is the one who does not like beach placer bodies, and appreciate the pristine exotic nature coupled with landscaped rest.
One island - a hotel with a limited number of tourists is usually spread almost everywhere. Most hotels bungalow type, with houses over the water, where you can dive straight out of bed. Level 4-5 star hotels, all excellent service. However, there are also 3 stars, where the lodge is mainly divers who dive except a little thing. They come here willingly, because Maldivian archipelago has a rich underwater world.

Some come settle on yachts, place them comparable in price to a hotel room, and the advantage is the opportunity to see some of the atolls and the absence of such heat, as on the beach. The climate here is humid and warm. Air temperature around 30 degrees, the water - 26. Because of the proximity of the equator, seasonal changes are minor. From May to October it rains more often and more windy, from November to February is less humid.

Consider the top blue lagoons, islands covered with palm forests, you can during the tour by seaplane. On one of the uninhabited coral islands for a certain amount you can have a picnic. Be sure to visit the capital of the Republic of Male, the Maldives island of residence of the ancient royal dynasties.

Local cuisine consists mainly of fish and rice dishes. Plus hot sauce with curry, lots of spices, borrowed from Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine. Fish grilled, boiled, smoked and dried. Makes her pies and pie. Rice also served in many variations with different sauces and coconut milk. So be sure to try the "Paa" - traditional Maldivian drink palm milk.

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