Lisbon city-tale

Lisbon city-tale
 The capital of Portugal annually receives top awards at a ceremony on awarding "tourist Oscars". Lisbon enchants at first sight. It is enough to stroll through the picturesque streets, cobbled colored stone blocks of sandstone, listen to the melancholic sounds of traditional fado music.
 A great place to stroll the promenade is about Belem Tower, is always crowded and plays wonderful music. With lookouts whole city at a glance, and you can make good shots on the memory. Very nice view opens from the towers of the fortress of St. George. There are visible white houses with orange tiled roofs that literally shine in contrast to the piercing blue of the Tagus River.

You can visit the famous district of Belém. First of all to admire the Monastery of Jeronimos. This architectural masterpiece was built with the money raised from the sale of various spices. Valuable goods brought explorer Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India. The monastery was built in the unique Manueline style: a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and exotic motifs. Symbol of Lisbon - Belem Tower - rises like a fairy-tale palaces.

It is not necessary to pass by the Park of Nations. Here you can ride on a cable car and go to Europe's largest aquarium. In order to visit the magnificent beaches you can go to Cascais, where there are restaurants, clubs and cafes.

Recollection of Lisbon would not be complete if you do not go to the edge of the world. That's what the locals call the westernmost point of the European continent - Cabo da Roca. It is believed that at this point the land ends and the ocean begins. It is necessary to take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean, try the local food. Seafood at local restaurants ready to cancel, in addition, they are inexpensive.

No need to pay for a taxi if there buses. They swept through all the attractions of Lisbon. The tourist office can buy a special card, the same for all kinds of public transport and offers a discount on tickets to museums. Value does not exceed 20 euros.

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