Lanzarote - the island of eternal spring

Lanzarote - the island of eternal spring
 Lanzarote is not often heard at Russian tourists, although if to clarify that he is one of the Canary Islands, it becomes clear that we are talking about the famous resort where many dream to spend a holiday.
 Lanzarote - one of the seven "big" of the Canary Islands, with an area 795 square meters. km. All the islands are somewhat different from each other, but Lanzarote, however, stands out for its uniqueness. The main color of this island - black. The fact that Lanzarote is almost completely covered with solidified lava, among which rise here and there like a red-hot, red hills and volcanic craters. Vegetation in this very scarce. As a result, a person contemplating the island, created the impression of a prehistoric or alien landscape. Home residents and low-rise hotel, built in traditional ethnic style, subtly complement quiet charm of Lanzarote. White walls, green frame and doors - a distinctive style of local architecture.

Weather on the island remains level throughout the year: the air temperature in the shade is in the range of 20-28 degrees Celsius and rainfall are rare. The hottest months of the year - from July to September. The water temperature reaches its maximum - an average of 23 degrees Celsius - in September. At the same time on the island subsides wind, typical Lanzarote for most of the year, and there comes the "velvet season" - perhaps the most pleasant time to relax. From mid-December to late February - while the lowest temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, so that on cloudy days may need warm clothing.

Arrecife - Lanzarote capital - is home to nearly half of the islanders. Tourists prefer to be placed, as a rule, not in Arrecife, and in the resort center, where there is a more intimate atmosphere, this Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca.

Puerto del Carmen - a traditional resort located close to the airport and the only place on the island where life never stops after midnight. There are many restaurants, discotheques, bars, casinos and cabarets. Purchases can be made in local shops and boutiques, such as Diesel, Lacoste and others presented in abundance. In May, Lanzarote competitions in swimming, running and cycling, for participation in which athletes come here from all over Europe, as well as representatives of the media and attracts many tourists.

Costa Teguise is fifteen minutes from the airport. Feature is not strong, but steady breeze that attracts windsurfers. Costa Teguise and distinguishes that from this point of easy access to major attractions of the island. Meanwhile, for the impressions of the cruises have to go to Puerto Calero and Puerto del Carmen in Costa Teguise not have a port.

Playa Blanca - the most distant from the airport, but very young, stylish and luxurious resort of Lanzarote. Here are the most beautiful wild beaches, and the atmosphere of integrity and peace is ideal for family holidays.

Lanzarote is no world-famous attractions and publicized, but there is something to see: volcanic caves; vines grown on volcanic rock; Mirador del Rio - a spectacular viewing platform at the top of the cliff; Cactus Park; Graciosa - an island of pristine beaches and much more.

On the whole tour on Lanzarote does not look like a holiday in a popular tourist destination and is ideal for those who are tired of lush tropical greenery and thirsty for new experiences.

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