How to return the lost luggage

How to return the lost luggage
 You once, finally got on vacation and decided to relax at the seaside. But, having arrived in the small resort town, you find that your luggage is lost somewhere. What to do? Do not panic.

In life everything happens. In particular, is such that we are losing our stuff, going on vacation. Most importantly - keep calm. Remember the time when you gave luggage to design an employee of the airline. He had to fasten your luggage new tags, which you would have to specify the name and contact details, and in two languages ​​(Russian and English).

If you have done all this, then your stuff should be in a database, where they can be easily found. It will not hurt to look to other transporters, it is possible that your stuff put in another pile. If and there you have not found your stuff, you should go to your airline representative.

Find the sign «Lost and Found» - is the local "Lost and Found", where you need to clearly and distinctly explain exactly how your things looked. Not bad, if you have a picture of your luggage, so it will be much easier to search for loss. If you were able to correctly explain what you've lost, then after a few minutes, you'll know where it is now in your luggage.

In the event that your luggage is not found within five days, you will need to make a list of things that were in it. On their wanted list given three weeks. On the twenty-second day of baggage officially recognized as missing, and you may request compensation for it.

Those passengers who fly with the flight of the airline, which is registered in the United States or in any country of the European Union, are entitled to compensation of up to 1,000 euros. Russian translators pay for the loss of baggage, based on its weight: for every kilogram - $ 20.

Some airlines give passengers daily necessities, such as compensation for delay of baggage in size from 50 to 100 dollars depending on what class you fly. Most often, the luggage is lost in the major European airlines (Lufthansa, British Airways, KLM and Air France), because these companies a lot of transit flights, and loss of baggage here is the last carrier.

And most importantly - if your luggage is really dear to you, it is better to insure it. In this case, you can claim double compensation - and the carrier and the insurance company.

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