How to get a visa by yourself

How to get a visa by yourself
 In recent years, an increasing number of travelers prefer to apply for the visa yourself. It is not difficult, convenient and reliable. Moreover, when a personal visit to the visa center increases the chance of getting a multiple entry visa.
 Do I need a visa?

Deciding to go to one or another country, check whether you need a visa. Get this information directly on the website of the Embassy or specialized tourist sites.

Visa requirements and a list of documents

Learn the rules of the visa and the list of required documents. Note that if you want to apply to the documents translated. For some embassies it is imperative. Set the documents yourself or contact a translation agency. Notarized translation is not necessary.

Visa Application Form

Download from the embassy visa application carefully and fill in all fields. In no case do not specify false information. This will be a major obstacle to obtaining a visa. When the profile is ready, sign it.


Prepare documents. Take a certificate of employment, bank statement or other proof of financial solvency. Do not forget to take out medical insurance policy. If you are going to visit the Schengen countries, it must be valid in all participating countries and have a coating of at least 30,000 euros.
If you have a movable or immovable property, attach copies of documents to the basic package. In some cases, the presence of these securities may increase your chances of getting a visa.
Having collected all the documents again carefully review them. If you have doubts about the necessity of a particular paper, attach it to the documents. If it is needed, it will be returned.

Tickets and Accommodation

Take care of your accommodation. Book your hotel and print the voucher. Purchase tickets at both ends.

Trip with children

If you are traveling with children, do not forget to fill out a separate form for the child and sign it. In the case of a child traveling with one parent, attach a notarized power of attorney from the second parent. Otherwise, the child will be denied a visa.

How to apply?

Most embassies and visa centers offer a service appointment. You can sign up by phone or via the Internet. Come to the specified date and time and return the documents. The whole procedure will take you no more than 15-20 minutes. In some embassies submission of documents is carried out in a queue. As a rule, the period of the visa takes 5 to 14 business days.
You need to apply in advance. Take care of it for 2-3 months before the intended trip.

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