How to get a cruise

How to get a cruise
 After a busy year sea cruise, arguably the most wonderful form of recreation. Comfortable liner to visit different countries to see the miracles and wonders, to breathe the sea air - what could be better. Buy a ticket is not difficult, given the number of possible proposals for the tourist market. But to overcome the laziness and really get together on a cruise - the first step to the sea experiences, joys and pleasures.

Make a list. Yes, no matter how boring you may seem this session - it will help you enjoy your time on board a seagoing ship. Think about what you need to do, what would you like to go on a cruise and that this will require.

For example, you have to get to the port and board the ship, on a cruise you are going to engage in sports, sunbathing, make excursions, go to parties and so on. Go through this list.

The road to the port

How do you get traffic to the port - cars and airplanes - not so important. The main thing - to have been in possession of a few useful things. The most important thing - your medication must be in hand luggage. Luggage is sometimes lost, and in an emergency you do not have to panic, look for the right medication. Take the book - read the case of waiting at the airport. Make sure that all the items are in your carry-on, luggage allowed to carry on the plane. For example, a nail file, scissors and other sharp objects to put in a better overall luggage.

Make sure that the voucher transfers from the airport to the port, cruise tickets and other documents are not packed too far - put them in such a way that at any moment they were within reach.

We sit on the ship

So you've arrived at the port, and that's before you handsome liner. In your hand luggage must be things that you might need on the ship in the next few hours - yes, that is how much time you have to wait sometimes passengers their luggage. Luggage will be delivered to your cabin - but since on board may be about 3,000 passengers, you know that you in any case have to wait for him. Therefore, medications, change of clothes for the season, personal hygiene items should be directed at you.

Sport and Physical Education

Many cruise ships are the conditions for full-fledged sport, provided gyms, swimming pools, an opportunity to play golf and other games. Before the trip to clarify this issue, and if you are satisfied with the conditions - bring sports clothing and accessories. In addition, jogging on the deck with the ability to breathe the sea air, perfectly enhance health.

Sun bathing and entertainment on board

Of course, from the sea cruise, you have to go back with a delightful sunburn. Sunbeds are on all decks, as well as by the pool. Do not forget to take a couple of swimsuits, suntan and sunglasses. Try the first time in the sun is not too much - burn the cruise will be annoying.

Shoes should be comfortable in the first place - have to walk a lot and often.

A certain dress code on a cruise ship does not exist. The main thing - to make you comfortable. If you want, take a couple of cocktail dresses for dinner, but do not take a lot of clothes and shoes, "Exit" - be beautiful, elegant, but let the clothing and footwear not embarrass you, and primarily by the main task - well relax and unwind.

Cruise ship always very rich entertainment program. This variety shows, and discos, and tantsy¸ and karaoke - and much more very different. Before the trip, review the proposed program and bring a clothing appropriate occasion.

Shore Excursions

Do not forget to bring your camera and a camera, if there is - binoculars, comfortable and well raznoshennuyu shoes for long walks. If you're going to break away from the full program and carry out a raid on shops - and prepare for it. Perhaps, on the shore of the sea offers a true recreation - swimming snorkeling, para-seyling (parasailing behind a boat), kayaking, sailing - consider these types of recreation.

Formal party

This is a separate issue. Here is the formal party will have to dress for the full evening dress code: woman in elegant long dresses, men in tuxedos, in extreme cases - in suits and ties. Typically, these parties are solemn and very beautiful. Consider an element of the cruise as possible pitching - and be careful with the choice of high-heeled shoes.


Cruise is over, and you're going to go ashore. Again, put everything you need in your hand luggage, remove sharp objects in the main luggage, check the cabin, so that nothing is forgotten - and home.

A few useful things

Portable GPS-navigator. Load a map of those cities where you want to go liner, and that will take the tour.

Boiler - and you in the cabin at any time will be able to have a cup of tea or coffee.

Needle and thread. Also can be useful English pins.

Port bag. Put it all that you may need when going ashore - wet wipes, sunscreen, water bottle, camera, cape on the evening. Best of all, if such a bag is waterproof.

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