How to choose a bus tour to Denmark

How to choose a bus tour to Denmark
 To date, bus tours are one of the most common and democratic ways of traveling. More and more people prefer it this kind of holiday. Why is this happening? Bus tours are a number of significant advantages over other types of travel.  

Firstly, they are much cheaper airline travel and even trips by rail. Second, the tours are usually constructed in such a way that you can visit several cities and countries and therefore get more impressions. So you, too, decided to go on a tour bus and your goal - Denmark. How to choose a bus tour and what you should pay attention to?

Choose your destination and duration of the tour. There are different types of bus tours to Scandinavia. Longer - panoramic tours, shorter - visit to the capital of Scandinavia.

Choose a season for your trip. For panoramic tours would be the best season from mid-May to late September. Sightseeing capitals can be done all year round.

Pay attention to the richness of the tour. Tours of Scandinavia, which includes a visit to Denmark, more intense and saturated than, say things to do in Spain or France. But, all the same, the number of sites per day to inspect different. Choose the pace that will not bore you.

Ask the person guide his experiences, reviews about his work. Good guide - almost 100% guarantee of a successful tour.

Collect suitcase. Do not forget to take medication, warm clothes. Make sure that you have something to do on the bus - books, music, movies.

Magic Denmark will give tourists a lot of impressions. These features dozens of theme parks that will interest even the most serious man, and selection of souvenirs surprise the most experienced traveler.

Denmark can bring the famous blue cheese "Danish Blue" and vodka "Aquavit", which translates from Latin as "water of life". It only served cold.

For children Denmark offers souvenirs with symbols of Andersen's fairy tales: the dwarves, the little mermaid, and, of course, tin soldiers. Needless to say that in this Scandinavian country you can find traditional souvenirs: statuettes Vikings, leather helmets and other such paraphernalia.

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