"Happy New Year to you, Morocco!"

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 Morocco - a small country, which has recently become increasingly popular among tourists. If you want to spend the New Year, we can find a suitable option. Someone wants solitude and meditation in solitude, someone wants to come off as follows at the casino, while others prefer a quiet family holiday. All of these people will find in Morocco fun and joy to your liking.
 If someone says that he bought New Year's tour in Morocco, it is unclear what to expect in the future. The variety of tourist programs is so great that the holiday in Morocco could mean anything. Even it is not clear what accounts for the number of the trip, as they themselves Moroccans celebrate the Lunar New Year in February ninth, while on the night of December 31 to January 1, too, having fun with them.

Opportunity to be alone with him, to greet the new year alone, on top of a mountain, in meditation and thought - this is an unusual variant, which is possible in a small country. Greater Atlas Mountains are very beautiful, and perfectly meet the dawn, watching the landscape, breathtaking, feeling hollow feeling of renewal and rebirth.

For those who does not want to spend time in solitude and communion with him, but instead wants to come off, I would recommend going to the local casinos. In this way you have a real extravaganza of sensations, unforgettable experience and adrenaline rush. Who knows, maybe luck will smile Moroccan casino you from the first minute of the new year?

Couples can celebrate the New Year quietly enough, having met him in the restaurant or in the pub, according to the European tradition. Revelry here will last all night, and the people are very friendly and polite. All kinds of oriental treats and goodies, as well as a rich cultural program - all this awaits you in Morocco.

The architecture in this country from the Middle Ages, so be sure to go for a walk through the city center, which is called the East medina. Waiting for you is so narrow alleys that in some difficult diverge two men tangled maze of streets, which have not gone without a guide - the charm of the old medina eastern city worth a long study.

Morocco is a traditional New Year's carnival, in the heart of historic Marrakech. Celebration takes place with a truly oriental scale, despite the fact that a small country. Eyewitnesses say that as spectacular as not inferior to the Brazilian carnival.

The tourist infrastructure in Morocco is very well developed, so you can be sure that you expect excellent service and superior exotic memorable New Year's holiday.

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