Denmark: the birthplace of the great storyteller

Denmark: the birthplace of the great storyteller
 About a hundred years ago Langelinie on the waterfront in Copenhagen, there was a figure of a girl with a fish tail. Bronze Mermaid, gazing sadly at the water surface, has become an integral symbol of the Kingdom of Denmark. And how could it be otherwise, because it is - a character invented by man made Denmark famous all over the world.
 Kingdom of Denmark, located on the Jutland peninsula, the Russian everyman is primarily associated with the birthplace of the great storyteller. Of course, this country is known and the legacy of the Vikings, and Prince Hamlet, Shakespeare is "settled" in Danish Elsinore (in the vernacular - Helsingør). Yet it is Hans Christian Andersen, awkward man with a sharp-nosed profile, is a true symbol of the Kingdom of Denmark for the millions of small and large readers around the world.

Rare tourist, being in Denmark, not look into the ancient city of Odense, Andersen's home. It was there, on the island of Funen, the son of a shoemaker and a washerwoman born author of "The Snow Queen", "Thumbelina" and dozens of other well-known fairy tales. In the house where he grew up, opened a museum that holds manuscripts and letters by Hans Christian, as well as his personal library. Today Odense - the third largest city of the Kingdom, known, in addition to Anderson, also the world's longest suspension bridge, connecting it with the capital of Denmark - Copenhagen.

For Andersen Copenhagen was a special city. That's where he left impoverished parents' home at the age of 14 years to fulfill a childhood dream - to play in the theater. With the fate of the actor Hans did not work out: from the Royal Theatre was fired after the teenager began to break down vote. But there is a silver lining: in search of a subsistence boy began to write. True, the first of his works were ridiculed by critics and went on wrapping paper. But after graduation in Elsinore Andersen published his first book of fairy tales, which made talking about it first compatriots, and then the whole world.

Many of his works he wrote, sitting in pubs Nyhavn - on the waterfront in Copenhagen, which was a string of colored houses, lepivshihsya to each other along the banks of the canal. In one of these little houses and today is a museum of the great storyteller, though in recent years it closed for renovation. A nyuhavnskoy confectionery La Glas All desserts are named after the fairy tales of Hans Christian.

In Copenhagen and is the most visited monument Andersen: at the entrance to Tivoli Gardens writer sitting on a bench in a frock coat and a hat with a cane. Due to the small pedestal photographed on the lap of the storyteller can everyone: as a rule, are children. The sad irony is that his most devoted readers Andersen just did not like: his children he was not, and with strangers, he preferred not to talk, remembering how badly treated him in the boys hostel Elsinore. In his will, Hans Christian, received the lifetime of fame, especially never asked to erect a monument to him, which would be attended by figures of children ...

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