Czech Republic and its surroundings

Czech Republic and its surroundings
 Czech Republic is famous for its magical castles and legends about their inhabitants. Dreamland, which allows to plunge into the atmosphere of legends, ancient architecture and symbolism. At the same time, the Czech Republic remains the development of a European state, in which even the most demanding tourist will be satisfied with the level of comfort.
 Embark on a journey to the Czech Republic should, of course, with Prague. This city was built on the rapids of the river Vltava, even in the IX century. During the two world wars, he almost did not suffer and keep wonderful historic architecture, baroque palaces and churches with many Gothic turrets.

The rest of the Czech Republic can be divided into two parts: Bohemia and Moravia. In Bohemia the picturesque forests and hills, and capital can be called Ceske Budejovice - the old town with well-preserved historic center, this is where the birthplace of the original beer "Budweiser". Nearby, within a narrow loop of the Vltava River, is another striking medieval town of Cesky Krumlov. Center of Western Bohemia - Pilsen, brewing center of the country, it is also famous for its cave.

Along the border with Germany, located city spa resorts Karlovy Vary, Frantiskovy Lazne, Marianske Lazne, which is still felt serene atmosphere Habsburg Empire.

It is worth noting the picturesque nature of these places. In the Czech Switzerland and the Czech Paradise in the east and north of the region are located bizarre "city" of sandstone. Hills covered with forests and occasionally there are ruins of castles leave an unforgettable impression.

In the eastern region of Bohemia, Moravia and many attractions. The largest city is Brno. It is distinguished by a peculiar charm thanks also to the period architecture of the two wars. Hence it is very convenient to go to the famous Moravian Karst, a system of caves with magnificent stalactites and stalagmites, a mysterious underground river. Nearby are numerous ancient castles, full of legends and tales.

In the highlands, on the border with Bohemia, there are two well-preserved medieval city - Slavonice and Telc in the north is another lovely city - Olomouc. The southern part of Moravia is famous for its wine.

Visit all the wonderful places of the Czech Republic for a few days is not possible. There are so many attractions, each city so unique that it is a journey you will remember for a lifetime.

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